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I created this blog solely on to share my personal experience and tips with people who want to visit the world but it’s very hard for them to do so, as I myself come from a very complicated background. I’ll share my real and true experience with all of those who are interested, especially with people from developing countries. And if you want to have a joint tour with me or if you have a great TRAVEL idea then do let me know via email. And if you have a product related to travel industry then you can reach out to me for promotion partnership.

My aim is to inspire & motivate more and more people to travel, discover new cultures, make new friends, learn new languages, learn tolerance, taste interesting food and spread love all over the world. After all, we are humans and living on the same planet, we have many things in common and one of them is TOILET.

Note: I’ll not be writing long travel stories in my posts, I’ll straight write travel related information and tips in my blog posts with personal experience about that place/destination, which might help your upcoming tour.

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About My Travels so Far….

Traveling the world is now my passion. I started my journey on 10 September 2013. My first international destination was Afghanistan by road, and my second international destination was the United Arab Emirates by Air. The 10 days visit to UAE was the best adventure so far as it was my first by air tour to any country. I like SOLO traveling, as it’s challenging and interesting. Therefore, most of my travel stories are as SOLO traveler. 🙂

Entrance of the Tiger Zoo in Pattaya – Thailand

Before UAE, I had a road trip to Afghanistan. I had heard that Afghanistan is one of the dangerous places to visit, so I thought to start with the dangerous one to ease the rest of the journey. My Afghanistan tour is among the best adventures I have had so far. I visited Afghanistan again in 2016, but the first visit  in 2012 had its own taste. See my below picture near Tajikistan-Afghanistan border in northern Kunduz province of Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, Kunduz Province!

On 1st June 2014, I arrived at Bandarnaike International airport in Colombo, Sri Lanka. This was my third international visit, and after spending 3 days in Colombo, I reached Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I spent 12 days in Malaysia and then I went to Bangkok, Thailand. These tours again changed my life, because I discovered new cultures and new people in Sri Lanka, Thailand and Malaysia. (All the complete reports of these tours can be found on this blog).

The Famous Beach in Colombo – Sri Lanka
The Bukit Bintang Tourist Area in Kuala Lumpur!
Pattaya Beach in Thailand 2014

In 2015, I again visited Thailand and Malaysia, but this time the tour was with a friend of mine. In the same year, I also visited United Arab Emirates again with another friend. I visited Thailand again, because I didn’t explore it completely on my first tour, as I stayed there only for 2 days during my first visit. In my second visit, I went to Phuket, The Amazing Krabi, Hat Yai and many other places. I went to Malaysia by road in my that tour.

The Famous Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand in 2015
Koh Larn Island in Pattaya – Chonbori Province of Thailand in 2015

United States Tour in 2016

And then came the year 2016 when I visited the United States of America. I saw the amazing architecture, the history, the art, the fashion and everything in the US. United States is a place where you can find the true taste of life and diversity. I really enjoyed my 15 days tour to the United States of America. You can read the USA Tour Costs as well. Note: I visited United States again in 2017.

San Francisco International Airport – United States
Union Square in San Francisco, a beautiful location in the Down Town.
Google Headquarters in Mountain View, California
I am in front of the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.
The Famous Times Square in Downton of New York.
I’m in front of the famous White House in Washington!

Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey & Georgia (2016)

In November 2016, I visited four new countries Qatar, Bahrain, Turkey and Georgia. That simply means, I’ve so far entered three different continents during my travel journey i.e Asia, Europe & America. The journey will continue in the future, and I intend to visit new countries onward. Below are some pictures from my recent tours.

The Famous Traditional Shopping Center “Souq Waqif” in Doha Qatar.
I’m Happy in Bahrain 🙂
I’m having Turkish lunch in Istanbul 🙂
The Historical Kapadokya in Turkey…
Georgia was a great fun and learning. Tbilisi in the background..

Myanmar & Nepal (February 2017)

Myanmar & Nepal were in my list for a long time, and finally I visited both of these countries in February 2017. Both the countries were great for adventure and tourism. But, Myanmar came very close to my heart because of it’s simplicity and honesty. I’ll go back to Myanmar very soon.

In Kathmandu, Nepal.
Abdul Wali the author of this blog in Yangon Myanmar.

Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania & Montenegro (October 2017) 


  1. Hi Abdul I read your whole blog which is amazing and impressive as well
    But here I have a question from you how you can manage the financial resources for all these tours?

    • Hi Furqan,

      Great question. I manage the expenses myself, as I work online as a blogger, youtuber, instructor and marketer. So I keep 30% of my earning only for traveling the world. And I always have a two to four months gap between my tours, and in that time I try to save money. 🙂

      • Can u plz help me in becoming like u coz I like the way you live your life and I also dream it for the same.

        • Don’t become like me, become like yourself and be a unique one. And don’t only dream but find the path to convert your dreams into reality. This is what the world is all about.

          • I want to talk to u in person,can u plz give me ur fb id or any other detail where we will had a discussion?

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