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Welcome to my blog. I’m Abdul Wali the founder of this blog. I started traveling back in 2013 when I first flew to Dubai from Karachi. I never thought I’d be traveling to 62 countries with a Pakistani passport.

Abdul wali in south africa

But things just changed over time. I fell in love with traveling and started non-stop traveling since 2017. I’m living now a nomadic lifestyle by traveling and working along the way. I have been to 62 countries so far with a Pakistani passport which is one of the weakest in the world passport ranking index.

Kigali Rwanda

Wondering how I make money online to cover my trips? I would love to share my experience on different social media platforms as well as my YouTube channels which are listed below. However, I’m going to share the best travel blogging tips and budget travel hacks on this blog.

How I Find Cheap/Budget Hotels?

I’ve always been lucky to find very cheap hotels across Europe, Asia, and Africa. I always use agoda.com and booking.com for finding cheap accommodation in every country during my journey. You can simply search using the below box to find your cheap hotel anywhere in the world.


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If you have any questions or feedback then do let me know via email or contact form so we can discuss more about traveling and stuff. I’m trying my best to provide valuable content which can be useful for my readers and subscribers on YouTube. If you have any suggestion then also please leave that in the comments or send me an email. Thanks!


  1. Hi Abdul I read your whole blog which is amazing and impressive as well
    But here I have a question from you how you can manage the financial resources for all these tours?

    • Hi Furqan,

      Great question. I manage the expenses myself, as I work online as a blogger, youtuber, instructor and marketer. So I keep 30% of my earning only for traveling the world. And I always have a two to four months gap between my tours, and in that time I try to save money. 🙂

      • Can u plz help me in becoming like u coz I like the way you live your life and I also dream it for the same.

        • Don’t become like me, become like yourself and be a unique one. And don’t only dream but find the path to convert your dreams into reality. This is what the world is all about.

          • I want to talk to u in person,can u plz give me ur fb id or any other detail where we will had a discussion?

  2. Salam abdul wali bhai….bhai if my family wants to settle insingapore do what will be the procedure plz help me

    • AssalaamOAlaikum.
      I hope by the Grace of Allah SWT 🙏 aap khariat se honge. I am your fan I watch all your YouTube’s. They are all Zabardust.
      By the how do you manage all these expenses of travelling lodging . It is very expensive. Are you paid by some agency or are you on your own pocket. Do let me know on my above email.
      Allah Hafiz,
      Ather Nizami.

  3. Bismillahir…Assalam o Aliakum, Dear Abdul Wali, I hope you will fine by grace of Allah swt I am from Hyderabad Sindh Pakistan nowadays I am in Piscataway NewJersey USA I am green card holder my 2 son & 1 daughter with me and 3 son in Karachi Pakistan they are waiting for immigration of USA due to above age 21 year & marriage they will wait for immigration. I love traveling & today youtube send your video of visa problems then I watching your videos. Best wishes Asif Jawed May 20, 2020

  4. Dr. Naved Mostaque

    Salam Alikum Wali bhai,
    Me and my family is a great fan of your vlog. We enjoy your natural style of conversation and videos are always very informative.

    You have travel to many places. Why don’t you come to Bangladesh? Specially Porana Dhaka, Mirpur these are very historical area. People speaks Urdu in this area. You will find all kind of mughlai food here.
    Hotel Al Razzak is famous for naan, Mutton glassy ( like mutton white qorma). Among Biryani Hanif ka biryani famous hai ab. Beauty ka lass bahut hi mashoor, from very old time “The Beauty” is selling lassi. Ananda bakery is another old bakery.

    My request to you, please give a visit to Bangladesh.

    Dr. Naved Mostaque

  5. Assalam o qliqum abdul wali bhai hope you will be fine. abdul bhai you have been doing a very great job in travelling & learning. mostly in learning such as seo, blogging, and etc. my prayers and best wishes will always be with you. keep your work continue!

  6. Assalam o Alaikum,

    Sanga hall day. I am very happy and learn about your endeavors. You are role model which is ladder to success. I am eager to know about your school education.

    Zaheer ud din Babar

  7. Hello,
    Abdul bhai hope u will be fine. I am hassan from jhelum (punjab). i want to get some guidence from u. In fact i am a banker and getting salary approx 70 k per month. I have visited thailand in 2016 dubai 2017 and japan 2018-19 (new year) and 2019 december i went for umrah. Last year in 2019 i applied for turkish visa but my visa was refused without giving any reason. I receive a letter alonh with passport mentioning that my case is being forwarded to interior ministry turkey and will be updated if receive any positive response within 3 weeks. So i didnt receive any response from their side. Now i wat to apply wd my wife but i dnt know to apply or not? Wat was the reason they refuse me? I dnt know anything. If i knew then i will comply the same and then apply. Wat u suggest. May i apply wd my wife or not? I have 3 childerns which will be here in pakistan during our tour. Please guide me or sens me ur number privately. I wanna discuss wd u n wants to prepare my case through you. Hope u will respond. Thank u. My number is 03315536302. Will wait for ur response. Byee

  8. I love to watch your travel videos on YouTube channel FLYING TO WORLD. The way you guide and deliver real face information is always appreciated. I am learning from your new channel ABDUL WALI, your teaching style is very friendly, clear and basic to master. You are best at all levels, keep working brother. People will like you more, keep exploring yourself.

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