Vietnam Visa in Pakistan – Approval Letter & Requirements

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Vietnam visa in Pakistan is not a difficult process at all. All you need to do is have an approval letter and receive visa on arrival at airport in Vietnam. We can help you with processing of approval letter on Pakistani passport. Please read till the end to find the process.

Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam

First Step: Approval Letter for Vietnam

The first step towards Vietnam visa on arrival is to get approval letter from a well-known travel agency in Vietnam. normally, travel agents in Vietnam charge $120-$150 for an approval letter.

But I got the approval letter for $110 from a very good travel agency in Vietnam who helped me with straightforward process of approval letter.

They also helped me with other information such as where to stay in Vietnam and which places to visit in Vietnam. it was indeed a great experience. 

For your benefit, I’m sharing the contact information of that travel agency and the girl who arranged the approval letter for me in very short period of time.

If you give my reference (Abdul Wali) then they will give you the best service. approval letter fee is $110 (fixed), so do not try to negotiate the price because that’s the lowest price for Pakistani passport currently. This price may go up due to Vietnam immigration policies and rules.

Contact Details of Vietnam Agency:

Name: Thu Nguyen
Email: [email protected] 
[email protected] 
Whatsapp no: +84969255515

Vietnam Visa in Pakistan: Processing Time 

Processing time for an Approval Letter for Vietnam visa in Pakistan is around 5 to 10 days. it depends on the workload of immigration department and how quickly the agency processes the application.

I got my approval letter in 7 days but it may take less or more. but to be on the safer side, you should apply for approval letter before 15 days from the date of your travel plans to Vietnam. 

Requirements for Vietnam approval letter are very basic. you need your passport’s scanned copy, date of arrival in Vietnam and airport name in Vietnam at which you’ll arrive.

You will have to send this details to Vietnam agency and they will process your approval letter. after the approval letter is approved, you will receive it via email from Vietnam agency and they will guide you accordingly on what to do next.

In other words, when you have this approval letter, you can straight go to Vietnam airport and get visa on arrival on Pakistani passport. it’s simple as that.

In order to proceed for approval letter, you first will have to pay the payment of $110 to Vietnam agency. they mostly receive payment via PayPal. but you can discuss with them if you don’t have PayPal.

I can also help you by paying them via PayPal. do let me know if you guys need this help when you are dealing with Vietnam agency for approval letter. 

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Vietnam visa approval letter looks like this. 

Finally Visa on Arrival in Vietnam

Now when you have the approval letter in hands, just get into your flight and reach Vietnam airport which you mention in your approval letter. you must have two white background photos with you, $25 USD and visa application form already filled.

These are the requirements when you want to get visa at the airport. I did the same and it took 10 minutes to get visa stamped into my passport by the Vietnam Immigration at the airport. it’s very easy and straightforward process. 

Vietnam visa in Pakistan

And my friend, Vietnam is one of the magical places in Southeast Asia. it’s very beautiful and people are very friendly. I will share my Vietnam travel experience in Ho Chi Minh city in one of my upcoming blog posts.

Happy Traveling and for your convenience, I’m sharing the Vietnam Agency contact details again but do not forget to give my reference (Abdul Wali) to get the best service. and do not forget to watch the video in Urdu in which I explain the whole procedure again for you. 

Name: Thu Nguyen
Email: [email protected] 
[email protected] 
Whatsapp no: +84969255515


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