UK Visa Refused: What Are The Reasons for UK Visa Rejection?

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When my UK visa got refused in 2016, I was shocked to see the result. However, later on I found that I made major mistakes while applying for this visa. Surprisingly, I did not make these mistakes in the latest UK visa application in 2019 and got a UK visa in 14 days.

Your UK visa application has been concluded and your UK visa application has been issued, you will receive an email with any of these two sentences and I am going to tell you what does it mean. Let’s get started to understand the science behind a UK visa. 


Why My First UK Visa Got Refused?

I searched on the internet for required documents and procedures on the internet. I applied for the visa through UK immigration website online. I had to pay the fee online which was 80 GBP (Now it is 94 GBP). 

Basic Requirements

  1. A passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. A UK visa application set (Printed) filled on this website
  3. A UK visa appointment (Printed) from this website
  4. A photograph with white or gray background
  5. Purpose of your travel to the United Kingdom

Additional Documents I Provided

As UK border agency encourages you to bring documents that can support your case, they don’t specifically mention what documents to bring. However, I attached the following additional documents to my UK visa application. I applied in Karachi Pakistan on a Pakistani passport. 

  1. Copy of Marriage Certificate 
  2. Bank statement of the last 6 months
  3. Copy of property ownership papers
  4. Self-employment (online source of income)

I went to Gerry’s office in Karachi (Pakistan) on the day of submission. I was interviewed by the visa officer through skype from Abu Dhabi. She asked me basic questions that I had already submitted in the visa application form. After 15 days, I received an email “Your UK visa application has been concluded” and the next day I got a call from Gerry’s office for Passport collection. I went there only to know that my visa had been refused. 

Your UK Visa Application Has Been Concluded?

Now this is a very confusing part of a UK visa. I received this email which had the subject as “Your UK visa application has been concluded” and since I work in the travel industry, Many other people received the same email. This email simply means that a decision has been made on your application.

However, the trends show that 95% of people who received this email in 2019 and 2020, their visa was refused by the UK embassy. But surprisingly, some people even got visas with this same email. In my case, it was a refusal. 

I will tell you more about what “Your UK visa application has been issued means” in this article. Because when I applied for the visa in 2019, I received the email with the subject “Your UK visa has been issued” and I got the visa. Interestingly, in rare cases, some people got visas refused with this email too. LOL

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UK Visa Refused: Common Reasons

When I received the visa refusal letter on A4 size paper from the UK embassy in Abu Dhabi; it had listed all the reasons. One thing I liked about the UK embassy that they had written a long essay about visa refusal. They genuinely try to show their writing and accounting skills in the visa refusal letter. They mostly focus on your financial background and what you have written about your monthly/yearly income and expenses in the application. I will clear some of your doubts in this post. 


The above UK visa refusal letter is not mine. I got it from the internet, but my letter was the same as this for different reasons. I lost that letter, else I would share it here in the guide. But I will share the reasons what they had mentioned in the refusal letter. One thing to mention that when your first UK visa is refused, it’s very hard feelings which you just want to hide it from Gerry’s staff. Therefore, I read the letter outside the Gerry’s office and was thinking for a moment that why this even happened to me on Planet Earth?

The reasons listed on my application were the following:

  • They said, I didn’t provide NTN certificate
  • They said, I didn’t provide tax returns
  • They said, I didn’t provide correct financial report i.e bank statement
  • They said, I didn’t provide the correct job or designation
  • They said, I didn’t provide a solid reason to visit the United Kingdom

They had written a long letter, but I have concluded their reasons for the above points. And I agree with them. I had no prior knowledge of how third world countries’ citizens apply to first world countries’ visas. I did have obtained a US visa before this, But the US visa process is one of the easiest in the world. UK visa on the other hand is a very complicated process if you don’t understand it. But when you understand this process then it’s very simple. 

UK embassies look for a few solid reasons in your visa application. If they find more solid reasons than weaker points, they generally will issue a visa. But if the solid reasons are confusing, they will refuse it. This is what I learned from my two visa applications.

Listen, do not get panic, visa refusal is a common thing for citizens of third world countries. If you learn to improve your application then no one can stop you from obtaining a visa to any country on planet earth. After all, this is the same planet where we live like a family. 

What are Solid Points

I am sharing this information based on my personal experience and experiences of other travelers who are on my Facebook group and people who share with me their refusal letters. But this is not legal advice. However, UK visa officer will generally look for a few solid reasons in your visa application to make a decision. 

Strong Points in Your Visa Application:

  1. Consistency in Statements 
  2. Genuine Intent to Visit UK
  3. Stable & Verifiable Income Source
  4. Strong Home Ties (Family, Job, Property)
  5. Travel History (Optional)

The science of a UK visa is that you have to be consistent in your statements. This means, your statements in the visa application, covering letter, bank statement, tax returns, and income flow should be consistent. These statements must match each other 100% to avoid confusing the visa officer. 

Let me put it in simple words. If you mention something different in visa application and then you mention something different in covering letter or bank statement then you are confusing the visa officer. This will add doubts. Be clear, and the best way to do this, is to make sure you keep all the documents with you in hand while filling visa application and writing covering letter for UK Visa. This way, you can write the accurate information which is already in your documents. 

The author in London, United Kingdom

How My Second UK Visa Got Approved? 

I learned from mistakes in previous application and I applied again in 2019. I provided my job letter which I obtained from my company. In my first visa application, I had shown that I work online as a freelancer. Secondly, I showed them my consistent and accurate income in my bank statement. I did not make a sudden deposit or withdrawal in my bank account.

I maintained my bank account for six months, I would only deposit my salary and income from Google Adsense. These two earning sources were enough to show them. 

I would get around Rs.200,000 from these two sources every month. I would deposit in my bank at the start of the month and would withdraw small amounts for my daily expenses like Rs5000 & Rs10,000. I maintained the account for six months. Secondly, I had already started filing my Taxes since 2016 and kept tax returns accurately according to my real income. I got my FRC (Family Registration Certificate) too, I am married. 

This time I submitted a well-prepared application with no extra documents. You can read my UK visa guide about it where I have shared the complete list of documents which I provided with my visa application. However, in my refused application, I had mentioned in my covering letter that “I want to visit London, because I like it”. That was the only reason I had written. But in my new visa covering letter, I wrote a complete day to day plan for the UK. That’s what made the main difference. They did not even call me for an interview and the visa was approved within 15 days. It seems impossible unless you see it possible with your own eyes. 

One last point I want to make here, if anything is confusing in your documents then do explain that in the covering letter. If you have sudden deposits or withdrawals in your account then simply explain it with paper-based evidence. This way, you will minimize the chances of being refused without a solid reason. 

Your UK Visa Application Has Been Issued 

Now what does this email mean? you guessed it right. According to latest trends, 99% chances are that you got a UK visa with this email. Congratulations and start preparing for your trip to Great Britain of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland. A country with a great legacy and long history. 

The Author Abdul Wali in Manchester, United Kingdom

The Bottom Line about UK Visa Refused

UK visa officer will look into your application and check how much you earn and how much you spend. If you spend all the amount you earn when you make a weak point. The officer will look into your travel plan, He/she will check for how many days you are going to the UK and how much you are spending. Furthermore, how much is available in your bank. If you are going for 10 days, and you are going to spend 2000 GBP while your bank has only 5 Lakh PKR then you are making a weak point.

Be logical and sensible in everything you state in your application. Be natural. Visa officer is a human and you are a human too. If you want to trick him/her then it will not work most of the time. I hope this guide will help you prepare your next visa application for the United Kingdom. I wrote this because I genuinely want to help people with lazy mistakes they make. We now live in a more advanced and human behaviors based data systems. We should minimize the mistakes to get better results. 

london underground abdul wali
The author with his friends at London’s Underground Metro.

Happy Traveling and share if you care. Ask me questions in the comments. I will answer. Thanks! 


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