Travel Resources

Are you a regular traveler like me? or simply planning your first adventure? in all cases, you’ll need the top resources to use while planning your next journey. I’ve been traveling now for more than 5 years and have traveled to Africa, North America, Asia, Middle East and Europe. I’ll share with you a few important things which you’ll need during planning your next trip, that includes Visa information, Finding Cheap Flights and Cheap Hotel room. below are the details and my personal experience 🙂 

Visa Information

While traveling abroad, especially from a third world country, you’ll need visa information and other information. And for visa information, you can visit to check whether you need a visa or not?. For current information on Visa, I’ll recommend you to visit this link: Click Here 

For information on how many countries you can visit with your country’s passport, please go to Google and write “Visa requirements for “name of your country” citizens. and you’ll find the first link to Wikipedia. 

You’ll also need to find reviews about different places, visas and other programs that you might be interested in. These reviews are posted by real travelers and on real time. Please visit to get your info.


How to Book Cheap Flights?

In order find the cheapest flight for your next tour, you’ll have to use several options and will probably need to change travel dates. But this practice has been made easy for you by many websites and applications which shows you the cheapest flights for your dates. I personally use below website to check flights and then click the link from the result which takes me to that airline’s official website from where I book the ticket online and this way, I save a lot of money. you can even check the price on this application and then go to Airline website to book yourself. I use for finding cheap flights.

Cheap Hotel Room or Hostel

After flights, we need to find cheap accommodation. to be honest, it’s not a big deal to find very cheap hotel room or hostel in any country. how? just search in below box, and you’ll find the best deal available for your dates. it’s which gives you thousands of choices everywhere. you can also use for cheap hotels and hostels.

I always find something good on, but I loved the way AirBNB works for that matter. on AirBNB, you can find private rooms in houses, appartments and many places which are half of the price and people will give you real taste of that place. if you love private scene then do try to use AirBNB, and it’s also cheap.

Note: I’ll add more resources to this list as soon as I experience it. Stay Tuned!