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Turkey visa for Pakistani passport is a guide in which I will share the exact requirements for Turkey visit visa on Pakistani passport and also Turkey business visa requirements for Pakistani passport holders. I have visited Turkey more than six times in last four years. Let’s get started.


Types of Turkey Visas in Pakistan

Turkey offers various types of visas but we will only discuss the ones which are commonly applied by ordinary passport holders. As such, visit visa or tourist visa is the most common one which is a short-term visa issued with the validity of 90 days and stay up to the travel itinerary provided by the applicant.

The second commonly sought Turkish visa is business visa which is also issued inline with visit visa but the requirements will be slightly changed for business visa. That takes us to another point which is requirements for tourist visa and business visa.


Turkey Visa Requirements in Pakistan

Here I will explain the exact requirements you need to fulfill and apply for a Turkish visa. I will explain requirements for both business visa and visit visa. If you are applying for visiting Turkey as a tourist then you have to make a plan/itinerary which you can write in your “covering letter”.

Required Documents for Turkey Visit Visa

  1. Visa application form duly filled and signed by the applicant
  2. Passport copies of 1st and 2nd page and all used (Visa & entry-exit stamp) Copies
  3. Travel insurance (Coverage up to 30,000 Euro)
  4. Polio Card
  5. Last Six Month Bank Statement
  6. Bank Account Maintenance Certificate
  7. Copy of flight booking (Reservation)
  8. Copy of Hotel Booking
  9. Two (2) recent photographs (White Background)
  10. All Previous Visas Photo Copy
  11. Last Three Months Salary Slips (If doing job)
  12. Employment Letter (if doing job)
  13. Business Documents with NTN (if doing business)
  14. Bonafide Letter (If The Applicant is Student)

For business visa, all of the above documents will be required except employment letter and student letter because you will be applying as a businessman. For business visa, you need Chamber of Commerce certificate and invitation letter from company in Turkey who have invited you to Turkey. You can also submit other relevant business documents such as your company bank statement, NTN, Taxi returns and business card.

How to Apply for Turkey Visa in Pakistan?

Now when you know about the requirements and documents. It is time to apply for Turkey visa in Pakistan. If you have a valid US visa or UK or Schengen visa then you don’t need to follow this process. You can simply apply for Turkey’s evisa online which I will explain later in this article but for the moment let’s focus on normal Turkish visa in Pakistan.

A company called Gerry’s currently process visa applications for Turkey. This company has visa application centers in many cities of Pakistan i.e Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar and Kashmir.

First of all, you have to go to the following link to fill out the visa application form online: Click Here

After that, you will have to visit the Gerry’s office in your city which handles applications for Turkey. You can go to the following link to find their phone number and addresses: Click Here

They have written that applicants must fill the interview form at the visa application center at the time of submitting the application. They also suggest to write down your important contact details in the application form such as landline number and email address. This is because the Gerry’s verify the information before submitting the application to Turkish embassy or consulate. for more information please visit Gerry’s website.


Turkish Visa Processing Times & Visa Fees

Now this is hard time when you apply for a visa and then wait for the good news to come. Turkish visa process takes 15 calendar days on average because many people apply for visit visa from Pakistan. Sometimes the application may take 3 to 4 weeks depending on a number of factors such as verification, incomplete documents and further background checks from Turkish ministry of Foreign affairs in Ankara.

Visa fees for Turkey short-term visa is Rs.9000 which is only visa fees and then you have to pay the Gerry’s service fee which is Rs3000. And since you have to buy travel insurance separately which will cost Rs.3000 for a one month travel insurance so the total fee will be Rs.15000 for Turkish visa.

Important Tips for Turkey Visa

Remember, you have to speak truth in the visa application and never submit a fake document. They will verify all of your details and submitted documents and if they found something wrong then it will get you into troubles. You can book travel insurance from smartchoice.pk which is a good website and instantly provide with the best available insurance option for your desired category.

You can get flight reservation from any travel agency for free. Just tell them you want a reservation for visa purpose. You can book get “refundable” hotel booking from Agoda.com which is the best website to find cheap hotels and hostels everywhere in the world. I use their hotel booking for visa purpose and it always work.

Turkey Evisa for Pakistani Passport

As I mentioned somewhere above, you can also get Evisa of Turkey if you have a valid US Visa or UK visa or Canada visa or Schengen visa on your passport. I have used this option many times and it’s very easy to get this visa online. It takes only 20 minutes to obtain this visa and costs $60 USD which is to be paid online.

Please visit this website to apply for Turkey evisa: Official Turkey Evisa Website

The only requirement is to have the valid visa of above mentioned countries. It doesn’t have to be multiple entries or used. It should just be valid when you enter Turkey and that’s all. I have used multiple entry US visa s well as single entry Schengen visa for this purpose and it has always worked.

Turkey eVisa I got…

Now when you have visa ready in your hands, why not take some time and read my ultimate travel guide to Istanbul which I have compiled from my last six trips to Istanbul. I have given information about almost everything in Istanbul and I think it will be the best help before your trip.

If you have any further questions then do let me know that in the comment section below and I will try my best to reply you as soon as possible. Happy Travelling Mates!

I have this video about Istanbul which has all relevant information regarding budget travel and how expensive is Istanbul the heart of Turkey. Do watch this video before exiting the page.

Bahrain visa for Pakistani passport is available on their official website. I myself have obtained this visa but I had a valid US visa as well. I applied online, provided all the information and documents and after seventeen days I received the visa via email. Let me share with you the complete process.

My Hotel Room in Manama, Bahrain

Bahrain Visa for Pakistani Passport Online

Bahrain has started an evisa system which works best for all. Pakistani passport holders are also eligible to apply for this visa but it depends on a number of factors. I personally obtained this visa in 17 working days. But I had also uploaded valid US visa as a supporting document. I would suggest to check the website for latest updates and requirements. Below is the list of basic documents I provided for this visa online.

Required Documents for Bahrain Visa 

  1. Color Copy of Valid Passport
  2. Photograph
  3. Bank Statement of Last 3 months
  4. Hotel Booking
  5. Flight Reservation
  6. Supporting Document (Such as US/UK/Schengen Visa)

I uploaded my US visa in the supporting document field. When I applied for this visa back in 2017. I had paid $77 USD for this visa and I don’t know what’s the current policy. But I suggest you to visit their official website and check your eligibility for Bahrain visa online. Official Website for Bahrain Evisa

My Bahrain Visa Experience

Bahrain visa was not hassle free for me either. As it was stated on the official website of Bahrain that I can get an eVisa on Pakistani passport. I applied for the visa online and received no reply for 12 days. I then contacted them by email because my travel date was approaching quickly.

After four days, they replied to my email with evisa approved. However, I was at the airport waiting for my visa and flight to Bahrain. Only when I received the email, my trip to Bahrain got confirmed at the airport. I had my flight with Qatar airways and thanks to the lady who helped me printing the evisa at the airport.

It was a dramatic situation. I waited for the visa for 12 days because I did not want to confirm my flight before visa. But when the time passed, I had no choice but to book a flight and then the visa arrived at last minute. Below is the evisa approval letter I received from Bahrain government.

bahrain visa for pakistani passport
The Bahrain eVisa I got via Email in a PDF file.

Immigration Experience at Manama Bahrain

After getting the visa in last minute. I arrived at Manama international airport and went straight to the immigration because very few people were there. The officer checked my visa and he took some time to verify the visa in the system. Then he asked me only one question and that was about my hotel in Manama. I showed him my hotel booking and he stamped my passport.

Bahrain is a nice place to visit at least once but visa process can be very dramatic and unpredictable. I was not sure if I would visit Bahrain until I got the email from Bahrain evisa department and I was waiting in Qatar for my next flight to Manama. But at the end, it was surely an adventure. Happy Traveling! 

I’m Happy in Bahrain 🙂

Singapore visa for Pakistani passport is the process of applying for a Singaporean visa to visit this country in Southeast Asia. I recently obtained this visa which is basically a paper visa or you can say Evisa. I will share the complete experience and requirements about Singapore visa from Pakistan.


Old Sticker Visa of Singapore

Below is the sticker visa of Singapore which I obtained in 2016. It took 15 days and cost some Rs8000 PKR back in 2016. However, Singapore has discontinued Sticker visas. They now issue only evisa for which the process is same which I am going to share with you in this post in a minute. This is a complete guide about Singapore visa for Pakistani Passport Holders.


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How to Apply for Singapore Visa in Pakistan?

Singapore has an honorary consulate in Karachi and all people in Pakistan have to apply for Singapore evisa at this place. If you are from Karachi then you can go directly to this office which is located near Karachi press club.

The very basic requirement for Singapore visa is Letter of Introduction (LOI). This is a letter sent to you by a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. If you have a friend or relative in Singapore then they can easily arrange this letter for you and will send you by Email. You just need to print this letter and submit it with visa application.

If you don’t have a friend in Singapore then travel agents can do this for you. Travel agents will arrange a letter of Introduction (LOI) for you from a Singaporean citizen or company for a small fee. However, in this case the chances of your visa are 50/50. If you have your own friend or relative then the chance is almost 99%.

I am saying this because I recently applied for Singapore evisa myself and it was approved within three days. I had received the Letter of Introduction (LOI) from my real friend in Singapore. While a few months ago, my visa was refused by the same country. That time, the LOI was arranged by travel agency.

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Singapore is a beautiful destination in Southeast Asia.

Singapore Visa Requirements for Pakistan

Travel agencies will advise you to apply with family to increase chances of approval. However, I don’t think so. If immigration department want to approve a visa then they can for a single man or woman. I have seen some families got refused and single men received visas. If you are dealing with a good travel agent then chances are that you will get a visa. Remember, visa rejection is a common thing on Pakistani passport.

Travel agents charge a fee between Rs8000 to Rs12000 for the whole application process including consulate visa fee and Letter of Introduction fee. This is what I have observed in Karachi.

Following are the general requirements for Singapore visa from Pakistan: 

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Letter of Introduction from a Singaporean
  • Two photographs with white background
  • Visa application filled (travel agent will do it for you)
  • Reason to Visit Singapore (Travel agent will mention it on form)
  • Visiting Card & Employment Letter
  • Copy of CNIC

The above are general requirements for Singapore visa for Pakistani citizens. If you are applying Singapore visa with family then you must also provide FRC or B-form for children. When I applied back in 2016, they issued me a sticker which you can see at the top of this post. and when I again applied in 2019, they issued me Evisa on paper which you can see below.


Singapore Visa Fee & Processing Time

First of all, let me clear your confusion about how the visa is processed. Honorary consulate in Karachi just collect the visa application and they do not issue the visa. The visa is processed by Singapore immigration. Singapore immigration is unpredictable with processing times and decision making.

As per latest trends. Normally when visa is issued, it takes only 3 to 4 days. When the case is put in a background check, that takes a lot of time. When your case is taking more time like 10 to 20 days. That means, the visa will be refused. In few cases, visa was approved after longer processing time.

This is according to latest trends of Singapore visa in Pakistan. One of the strange aspects of Singapore visa process is that, they do not ask for travel history and bank statement. They just decide on the basis of LOI and scanned copy of your passport. I don’t think this is a good visa policy and the decision making will therefore be inconsistent and unpredictable.

Singapore Visa fee is just Rs.3100 if you apply yourself (with LOI of your friend or relative). If you apply through a travel agency then they may charge different fee because they will arrange LOI for you.

ADDRESS Of Singapore Consulate in Karachi
Lakson Square Building No 2
Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi, Pakistan
TELEPHONE(+92) 21 3568 8243 / 6419
(+92) 21 3568 5308
FAX(+92) 21 3568 8067
(+92) 21 3568 0093
[email protected]

Singapore Immigration Website

My Tips For Singapore Visa

I am going to give you a few important tips about Singapore visa. I visited Singapore recently and have obtained the visa two times. The first tip I can give you is to mention less days in the application. Singapore is a small country which can be explored within 3 to 4 days easily. If you mention 10 days, that will not make sense.

I will personally mention 5 days for visiting Singapore. The second thing is try to get LOI from a friend or relative in Singapore. If you do not have a friend or relative in Singapore then find someone who knows someone in Singapore. This way, the visa is almost guaranteed. My third tip is about travel agency. Some travel agents do their best to submit documents in a good order and some just take your money.

Finally, Singapore is a beautiful country which you must visit once in your lifetime. I loved my four days stay in Singapore and I will publish a complete travel guide soon. I do have videos in Urdu which you can watch below. My Singapore visa guide ends here and if you have any questions then do let me know in the comments.

Watch this video here and then go to my channel for watching all videos of Singapore. And remember once again, visa rejection is a common thing on Pakistani passport. Do not get depressed and apply again. If you really want a visa then you will get it ultimately. Singapore Visa for Pakistani Passport Holders.

Thailand visa for Pakistani passport is required when you want to visit Thailand. I have been visiting Thailand for the last six years and have obtained this visa many times. I am going to share with you complete information related to Thailand visa in Pakistan. I will also share the exact requirements for Thailand visa in Pakistan.

Pattaya Thailand
The Author of this Blog in Pattaya, Thailand

How to Apply Thailand Visa in Pakistan?

If this is your first time to Thailand then you have to personally go to Thai embassy or consulate. If you already have visited Thailand once then you can apply through a travel agency or visa drop box. Once you obtain your first visa, for second time you can just drop your application to any travel agency or visa drop box or Gerry’s a company which handles Thai visa applications in Pakistan.

Thailand Visa Requirements for Pakistanis

Whether you are visiting Thailand for first time or second time, you have to provide below mentioned documents. However, The Royal Thai Consulate in Karachi has slight different list of documents and embassy in Islamabad has different set of requirements. And for your reference, I will add a link to their official website.

General Requirements for Thailand Visa:

  1. Passport valid for six months
  2. Old Passports (If any)
  3. Two Visa Applications Forms (Filled & Signed)
  4. Two Passport size photos
  5. Copy of your C.N.I.C on A4 size
  6. Copy of your passport – first four pages
  7. Bank statement of last 6 months (Rs.200,000 min.balance)
  8. Bank account maintenance certificate
  9. A letter from your employer stating your job & salary
  10. NTN certificate (if you are a business owner)
  11. Flight Reservation or Confirmed ticket
  12. Hotel Booking
  13. One Blank cross cheque (Required in Karachi)
  14. Affidavit on Stamp Paper (Required in Karachi)
  15. Family Registration Certificate (If going with family)
  16. Marriage Certificate (If going with wife)
  17. B-form (if kids are going with you)
  18. Tourist visa fee Rs.5000 (Single entry)

Note: You can download the visa form from the official website of Thai consulate in Karachi and embassy in Islamabad. Please go the links, scroll down in the PDF file and you will see the exact updated requirements consulate/embassy.

Thai Embassy Islamabad: Download Visa form & Requirements Islamabad

Thai Consulate Karachi: Download Visa Form & Requirements Karachi

You can also obtain these visa forms at the consulate or embassy. But better is to take printout at home and take the filled form with you to avoid hassle.

Official website of Gerry’s for Thailand visa: Visit Gerry’s Website for Information

Remember, residents of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and Kashmir can submit their application at Islamabad embassy. While residents of Sindh and Balochistan can submit their application at Karachi consulate.

Thailand visa for pakistani passport
My Thailand visa I got on Pakistani Passport.

Visa Fee & Processing Time for Thai Visa

Thailand offers many types of visas to citizens of Pakistan. They have different fee structure for different visa types. I will list the fee below with visa type for your understanding.

Tourist Visa Single Entry: Rs.5000 (Valid for 3 months – stay up to 60 days)

Tourist Visa Multiple Entry: Rs.25,000 (Valid for 6 months)

Transit Visa Single Entry: Rs.4000 (Valid for 3 months)

Transit Visa Double Entry: Rs.8000 (Valid for 3 months)

When you submit your application to the Thai consulate in Karachi, you’ll get a receipt from the visa officer after your case is approved. They will mention the date on that receipt for returning of your passport. You should go to the consulate on that date and get your passport back. It takes 5 working days for the consulate to issue a visa.

Remember, submitting visa application timing is 8:30AM to 10:30AM and returning passport timing is 11AM to 12PM. This timing and process is for Karachi consulate because I have always applied my visa at Karachi consulate. But for Islamabad, it should be similar and you can check on the official website.

Tips for Thailand Visa in Pakistan

If you are going for first time to Thailand and you do not know how to prepare the documents then I know a very good travel agency in Karachi who can prepare the documents for you for a small fee. Preparing documents means, they will prepare flight reservation, hotel booking and your covering letter. You have to bring your bank statement and other official documents. You have to submit your application yourself if this is your first visa.

If this is your second time then just drop your passport and necessary documents at this travel agency and rest they will do it for you. The person name is Abdullah and travel agency name is “World Express Travel”. You can call Abdullah on this number: 03132568140. Only call if you want to apply for visa. I always submit my visa through this travel agency.

Special Note: You can provide flight reservation and temporary hotel booking for the visa purpose. But remember to have confirmed return or onward flight ticket and confirmed hotel booking when you arrive in Thailand. You should also have $500 USD minimum with you. That’s the entry requirements for Thailand. Visa is one thing and entry to a country is another thing.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thailand

Question: Which month is best to visit Thailand?

Answer: If you are talking about weather condition then November to March are the best months because weather is good in those months. However, if you visit from April till October then this is called off season in Thailand and you will find cheap hotels and tours. Generally, Thailand is a tropical country so it always rains.

Question: How much budget should I have for Thailand?

Answer: Thailand is a budget travel destination. If you are alone then you can easily do Thailand on $40 USD per day. The hotel room generally cost $15 to $20 per night and rest you can eat easily. However, it always depends on the person’s preferences and how much he/she wants to spend.

Question: Is Thailand safe for solo female travelers?

Answer: Yes, it’s safe for solo female travelers and for everyone. But as a precaution, you should always keep your valuables in a safe place and keep an eye on that all the times.

Question: Which airline is best to book flight for Thailand?

Answer: Thai airways operate direct flights from Karachi/Islamabad/Lahore to Bangkok. You can also use Sri Lankan airlines or Etihad or Emirates or Qatar. The best option is to check on skyscanner.net for your dates and this website will show you the cheapest flight available for your dates and then you can book from that airline.

Question: Where can I find cheap hotels for Thailand?

Answer: You can easily find and book hotels for Thailand on agoda.com. I personally use this website for booking flights and it always gives me the best options for my travel dates.

I hope, my Thailand visa guide for Pakistani passport holders has helped you planning your trip to Thailand. If you liked this then simply share it on Facebook. If you have any questions then do let me know in the comments.

Watch video in Urdu for Thailand visa in Pakistan

My travel guide to Sri Lanka is a personal experience of my travels to Colombo in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is an island country in South Asia with beautiful landscapes and beaches. Whether you are going to Sri Lanka for first time or repeatedly, you should keep these things in mind.

A view of Colombo, Sri Lanka – Source Internet

Sri Lanka Travel Guide: First Thing is Visa

First thing first, Sri Lankan visa is very easy to obtain. Many countries’ citizens can get Sri Lanka visa on arrival at the airport which include most of the western countries.

Pakistani citizens and SAARC countries can also get online visa which is called ETA (Electronic Travel Authorization). This ETC costs $24 USD and will be easily approved by Sri Lanka immigration in 48 hours. Once you receive that via email, just print it and go to Sri Lanka and show it to the immigration for further processing.

Visit the official website for applying visa online:

The author of this blog (Abdul Wali) at bandarnaike Airport, Colombo

Arrival at Airport in Colombo

Okay, so you have arrived at the airport. Here you need some local currency to buy a sim card and hire a taxi to Colombo. Look, the airport is not in Colombo, it’s in Negombo city.

Colombo is some 30KM away from the airport. There are many currency exchange shops at the airport and you should be able to exchange some foreign currency there. You can also withdraw from the ATMs. I don’t know about ATM withdrawal charges. but bring some cash with you.

Sri Lankan currency is called LKR (Sri Lankan Rupees). as of now, $1 USD = 190 LKR. You can buy a sim card from a shop at the airport. I bought a sim card for $7 USD with 5GB internet data and it worked very well.

Now it’s time for you to hire a taxi if you stay in Colombo. The taxi will cost $20 from Airport to Colombo. If you stay at Negombo city then you can also use Tuk Tuk which is a three wheel car. That’s available outside the airport and is the most cheapest way of transport in Sri Lanka.

Where to stay in Colombo?

I personally stayed in Colombo 3 area which I liked a lot. You know what, Colombo is divided into 10 different sections called Colombo 1, Colombo 2, Colombo 3 etc. I would suggest to stay at Colombo 1 to 5. That’s the place you can find most of the attractions and beautiful scene. You can visit the beach by walk from that area. and it’s not expensive.

Accommodation Cost in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is overall not an expensive country. but when it comes to Colombo, it’s a little bit expensive as per South Asia, and there is a valid reason for that because it’s an Island country. Still, you can find a good hotel in above mentioned areas for $30 to $50 USD per night.

I got a hotel for $40 per night in Colombo 3. There are hostels for backpackers which you can book online if you are on a tight budget. Hostel will generally cost between $5 to $10 per night.

I used agoda.com to book hotel in Sri Lanka and I recommend you to use agoda for hotel or hostel booking in Sri Lanka. just go there and put your dates and city name in Sri Lanka and you should be able to find options according to your budget. You can also try AirBNB for more cheaper options.

I stayed at Juliana Hotel in Colombo 3, $60 USD per night!

Transport in Colombo, Sri Lanka

It’s very easy to roam around in Colombo using public transport. They have the tuk tuk (3 wheel) and local buses which costs pennies. I used Tuk Tuk during my trip and it wouldn’t cost me more than $2 USD for a 3/4 KM ride in the city. But remember to always fix the price with Tuk Tuk rider before sitting in. Uber is also working in Colombo.

You can use local bus for long distance travel in the city and you should use train for intercity travel. The Colombo/Kandy route is very famous for train journey in Sri Lanka. I did that myself and you should do it too. Also read: My Kuala Lumpur Travel Guide

The Colombo 3 area in Galle Road where I stayed in Jullina Hotel!

What to do in Colombo?

Colombo is a massive city with lush green gardens, high rise buildings, many temples and beautiful beaches. You can also find massage centers referred to as “SPA” in Colombo, And night life do exist in Colombo too. There are plenty of places to go in Colombo but I would list a few which I visited personally.

  • Big Temples (For Tourism Purpose)
  • Mount Livonia Beaches
  • Galle Face Green
  • Colombo Gulf Club
  • Colombo Museum
  • Colombo Forts
  • Colombo Zoo
  • Massage Centers on Galle Road
  • Casinos & Clubs in Colombo 3 (If you like to)
The famous Tuk Tuk in Colombo, Sri Lanka – Source Internet

Food Options in Sri Lanka

Now a days, Colombo has progressed a lot and there are numerous restaurants and cousines for tourists. You can easily find Indian and Chinese food in Sri Lanka. when I first visited Sri Lanka in 2014, I had struggled a lot to find Pakistani food but now there are many options. in my last visit in 2019, I found many nice restaurants in Colombo. Food is not expensive and I would mention that fast food chains such as KFC and McDonald are also available in Colombo.

Me at the Colombo Beach – Sri Lanka
Me in a temple in Colombo!

I hope my travel guide to Sri Lanka was helpful. Let me know if you have any thoughts on this, and please share your experience if you already have been to Sri Lanka or Colombo.

Happy Traveling Mates!