Singapore Visa for Pakistani Passport: How to Apply?

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Singapore visa for Pakistani passport is the process of applying for a Singaporean visa to visit this country in Southeast Asia. I recently obtained this visa which is basically a paper visa or you can say Evisa. I will share the complete experience and requirements about Singapore visa from Pakistan. 


Old Sticker Visa of Singapore 

Below is the sticker visa of Singapore which I obtained in 2016. It took 15 days and cost some Rs8000 PKR back in 2016. However, Singapore has discontinued Sticker visas. They now issue only evisa for which the process is same which I am going to share with you in this post in a minute. This is a complete guide about Singapore visa for Pakistani Passport Holders. 


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How to Apply for Singapore Visa in Pakistan?

Singapore has an honorary consulate in Karachi and all people in Pakistan have to apply for Singapore evisa at this place. If you are from Karachi then you can go directly to this office which is located near Karachi press club. 

The very basic requirement for Singapore visa is Letter of Introduction (LOI). This is a letter sent to you by a Singaporean citizen or permanent resident of Singapore. If you have a friend or relative in Singapore then they can easily arrange this letter for you and will send you by Email. You just need to print this letter and submit it with visa application. 

If you don’t have a friend in Singapore then travel agents can do this for you. Travel agents will arrange a letter of Introduction (LOI) for you from a Singaporean citizen or company for a small fee. However, in this case the chances of your visa are 50/50. If you have your own friend or relative then the chance is almost 99%. 

I am saying this because I recently applied for Singapore evisa myself and it was approved within three days. I had received the Letter of Introduction (LOI) from my real friend in Singapore. While a few months ago, my visa was refused by the same country. That time, the LOI was arranged by travel agency. 

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Singapore is a beautiful destination in Southeast Asia.

Singapore Visa Requirements for Pakistan

Travel agencies will advise you to apply with family to increase chances of approval. However, I don’t think so. If immigration department want to approve a visa then they can for a single man or woman. I have seen some families got refused and single men received visas. If you are dealing with a good travel agent then chances are that you will get a visa. Remember, visa rejection is a common thing on Pakistani passport. 

Travel agents charge a fee between Rs8000 to Rs12000 for the whole application process including consulate visa fee and Letter of Introduction fee. This is what I have observed in Karachi. 

Following are the general requirements for Singapore visa from Pakistan: 

  • Passport valid for at least 6 months
  • Letter of Introduction from a Singaporean
  • Two photographs with white background
  • Visa application filled (travel agent will do it for you)
  • Reason to Visit Singapore (Travel agent will mention it on form)
  • Visiting Card & Employment Letter 
  • Copy of CNIC

The above are general requirements for Singapore visa for Pakistani citizens. If you are applying Singapore visa with family then you must also provide FRC or B-form for children. When I applied back in 2016, they issued me a sticker which you can see at the top of this post. and when I again applied in 2019, they issued me Evisa on paper which you can see below. 


Singapore Visa Fee & Processing Time

First of all, let me clear your confusion about how the visa is processed. Honorary consulate in Karachi just collect the visa application and they do not issue the visa. The visa is processed by Singapore immigration. Singapore immigration is unpredictable with processing times and decision making.

As per latest trends. Normally when visa is issued, it takes only 3 to 4 days. When the case is put in a background check, that takes a lot of time. When your case is taking more time like 10 to 20 days. That means, the visa will be refused. In few cases, visa was approved after longer processing time. 

This is according to latest trends of Singapore visa in Pakistan. One of the strange aspects of Singapore visa process is that, they do not ask for travel history and bank statement. They just decide on the basis of LOI and scanned copy of your passport. I don’t think this is a good visa policy and the decision making will therefore be inconsistent and unpredictable. 

Singapore Visa fee is just Rs.3100 if you apply yourself (with LOI of your friend or relative). If you apply through a travel agency then they may charge different fee because they will arrange LOI for you. 

ADDRESS Of Singapore Consulate in Karachi
Lakson Square Building No 2
Sarwar Shaheed Road Karachi, Pakistan
TELEPHONE(+92) 21 3568 8243 / 6419
(+92) 21 3568 5308
FAX(+92) 21 3568 8067
(+92) 21 3568 0093
[email protected]

Singapore Immigration Website

My Tips For Singapore Visa 

I am going to give you a few important tips about Singapore visa. I visited Singapore recently and have obtained the visa two times. The first tip I can give you is to mention less days in the application. Singapore is a small country which can be explored within 3 to 4 days easily. If you mention 10 days, that will not make sense. 

I will personally mention 5 days for visiting Singapore. The second thing is try to get LOI from a friend or relative in Singapore. If you do not have a friend or relative in Singapore then find someone who knows someone in Singapore. This way, the visa is almost guaranteed. My third tip is about travel agency. Some travel agents do their best to submit documents in a good order and some just take your money. 

Finally, Singapore is a beautiful country which you must visit once in your lifetime. I loved my four days stay in Singapore and I will publish a complete travel guide soon. I do have videos in Urdu which you can watch below. My Singapore visa guide ends here and if you have any questions then do let me know in the comments. 

Watch this video here and then go to my channel for watching all videos of Singapore. And remember once again, visa rejection is a common thing on Pakistani passport. Do not get depressed and apply again. If you really want a visa then you will get it ultimately. Singapore Visa for Pakistani Passport Holders.


Hi, I'm Abdul. I have been traveling around the world since 2013 non-stop. I'm a full-time travel blogger since 2018 and I'm sharing all of my travel experiences and travel blogging hacks on my blog. Please feel free to Read more about me.


  1. It is really Amazing & helpful for me . Thanks Abdul Wali bro to clear all my confusions about Singapore Visit Visa process Thanks Again 🙂

  2. very nice information no need statement? kindly mention other necessary info too, like hotel booking, show money etc….

    • Hi Faisal,
      For Sginapore visa, you don’t need bank statement and booking etc. If you are applying through an agent then you only need to provide him the mentioned requirements in this post. Even he’ll arrange invitation for you. that’s it as I did.

  3. thank you for the detailed information. i was unable to find elsewhere.
    im located in islamabad and a couple of travel agents are charging me a lot. i.e 28000 per person and some even above :/

  4. Really greats info about Singapore visit visa my all confusion is cleared about Singapore visit visa bundle of thanks bro …

      • Asalam ALykum Abdul wali brother recently i paste the visa of Singapore. my real name is Sameer Khan. but in the Singapore visa pasted my name is Khan Sameer. i mean is it ok? i am waiting for your reply because i am confuse.

  5. Asalam ALykum Abdul wali brother recently i paste the visa of Singapore. my real name is Sameer Khan. but in the Singapore visa pasted my name is Khan Sameer. i mean is it ok? i am waiting for your reply because i am confuse.

    • w/salam, congrats on your visa, and yes that’s absolutely OK and correct. Because the family name is always written in the start on almost every visa. You can check my name on the visa above in this page which is also written like this “Khan Abdul Wali”.

  6. Hi abdul wali,

    My visit visa application is approved, how long it take to get the visa sticker, and should i paste on passport ? as travel agent applied online. also share any pre-requestie & documents to keep while visiting Singapore

    • Hi, if the application is approved then you’ll get visa in 1 or 2 days. And I think there is not any pre-requisite and documents to carry while entering Singapore.

        • Mene bhi bukhari se kia hai mujhe ek maheena pagal banaya ab kehrahe hain k akele bande ko visa nahi milraha ap family ka passport do to apko milega visa warna nahi. Ab mene passport dia hai mother ka ab kaha 10 din me ajayega visa. Sticker to Max 2 days me lag jata hai.

  7. Assalam o Alaikum Abdul wali bhai,
    Sir mene 27 november 2016 visa apply kia agent k through Bukhari Tavels. Unho ne kaha 4 din me code ajayega visa approve hogaya to yaha karachi consulate se sticker lag jayega. Ab pichle 25 din se woh kehrahe hain passport consulate me hai kabhi kehte hain unkay ps sticker khatam hogaye kabhi kehte hain sakhti hai abhi roka hua hai. Please batayein mein kya akru bohot pareshan hun.

    Thank you

      • Shukar aj sticker agaya poore 2 months bad aj agent ne dia hai online apply kia tha visit visa or double entry visa mila hai.

        • assalam o alaikum hasis rafiq bhai singapore visa ki fees kia hai or process kia hai ap mujhe detail me bata dain

          • Haris Rafiq

            Visa fees 8,9 hazar hai or process passport ki scan copy nic copy or 4 photos white background iskay ilawa kuch nahi online apply hota hai visa lekin apply ami ya abu ya agar married hain to wife k sath karna akele bande ko visa nahi milega singapore ka. Mera bhe agent ne pehle kaha akele apply krdo miljayega end me 2 mahine pagal banane k bad ami ka passport dia to visa milgaya.

          • Haris Rafiq

            Shakir bhai 10,15 days to bohot zyada hain singapore bht chota sa sheher hai islamabad ki tarah.6,7 days enough hain or singapore bht expensive hai lekin hai bht khoobsurat. Hum do dost gaye singapore,malaysia,srilanka march mein to hamara kharcha 4.5 lac aya tha dono ka mila kar. Sirf singapore ka 10 din ka kharcha ek bande ka andazan 150000 ayega.

          • Shakir Ullah

            bro itna kharcha ufffff yaaar is say acha hain USA Apply kar de banda waha green card k liye apply kar deta hain kia kehte hain aaap ya koi job wegra b mil jati hain USa main kia kehte hain aap

      • Sar aslamoalekum, sar singapor may work viza to allowe nahi hay pakistan kay liye ya hay pleas mujay guide krna bohat suhkria

  8. Assalam O Alikum Mr. Abdul Wali

    My name is Salman. I am from Lahore city. I need your help to get information about work permits for Singapore. Actually me and my cousin are thinking to go to Singapore to find a job there on visit visa. I heard from someone that work permits are not allowed for Pakistanis and job is difficult to find there as a foreigner. So brother before i take any step kindly guide me. I am so confused. Thanks

    [email protected]

    • w/salam and good luck. You can try to find a job there. As I don’t know anything special about job and work permits in Singapore, so can’t provide information on that. thanks

  9. Assalam u Alaikum. Can u guide me plz. I want visa with job. But I want to take my family with me.. If u knows any agency who can offer jobs for me and for my husband. I have two kids. Plz tell me..

  10. Assalam o Alaikum , my friend from pakistan already apply Singapore Visa in the first time is approval but now refused the reason because new terms and conditions of Singapore Goverment on 1st February 2017. How long time we can reapply Singapore Visa if the application has been refused? Please help. Many thanks.

  11. Hello how are your Abdul Wali, I am only ask one question pls tell me the total amount Spent on Visit Visa.

  12. i don’t have anybody in singapore
    i need invitation letter from singapore for visit visa
    how it’s possible to get it ?
    anybody can help me!

  13. Asslamu alikum.Sir m Malaysia hoti hu Pak i Hoi hu idr s Singapore jao gi mjy nhi pta k kesy work permit apply krna hy Kia ap mjy kise Ka bta skty h ta k m entry k next day visa apply kr saku m Singapore m job krna chahti hu

    • w/salam, I’ve shared my singapore visa experience from Karachi on a Pakistani passport, other than this, I don’t know about any other visas. thanks

    • Sister Sofia, kia ap mujh se apna what’s app no share ker saktin hen, ap Malaysia mai rahin hen bus ussi k liye information chaye thi agar ap help ker saken, I’m Nausheen from karachi, Pakistan.

  14. Sir g m pucha hy k Kia Singapore m vist visa py ja k work permit lag jta ap ny b kuch Kia e ho GA tabi pucha k kesy lgwya ap ny vist py ja k work permit

  15. Aoa…. Sir plz guide me a permenent visa of Singapore…. Kis tarah mOve krskty hain? Wahan business start kr k… Ya kuch or way ….plz reple me.

  16. Hey.
    Great heads up 🙂
    Wanted to ask.
    What if visa is applied say in May mid and have to travel in mid june till start of july. How much validity is there of the visa.
    And do we have to travel and return within the validity dates. The visa is of 35 days.

  17. Dear Mr. Wali,

    A great article to clear so many confusions of the first time traveler. I need some information regarding Multiple Entry Visa for Singapore/Malaysia. My itinerary is such that I need to enter Singapore/Malaysia twice. Does the normal visit visa allow me multiple entry?


    • I think Singapore visa is for multiple entries. but Malaysia visa is only single entry. you can get multiple entry as well, but you have to write that in application.

    • Sir No, Singapore don’t give multiple entry tourist visa to Pakistani’s How ever they can give you a double entry visa which they usually give with out any request. Malaysia will not give multiple entry visa you should give a strong reason to them for Multiple entry or you have to show the itineraries to fellow countries that’s the procedure which I followed and get visas.

  18. I heard news that Singapore visa in these days difficult specially for those who wish to travel without spouse or family. Is it true ?

    • No, Singapore visa is still easy you can go to Singapore the main requirements for the visa are:

      Application form V39A that will be filled by Singapore local Contact might be Singapore Citizen or Permanent resident. Contact Mujahid Iqbal for Singapore Visa He will guide you he is the permanent resident of Singapore and helps a lot of Pakistani’s to get into Singapore but you must leave after the completion of your visit.

      Contact Mr. Mujahid Iqabal at 006590309423

  19. Just saw your blog. I wanted to travel to Singapore on September 18th 2017 and applied for visa through travel agent on August 3rd 2017 as the Karachi consulate informed me that the visa could take 4-5 weeks. I got the visa on August 8th… Within 5 days! but the validity is September 12th which is six days before my travel date. What can I do? I can’t wait for the visa to expire and then reapply as it would be late by then. They also don’t extend the visa. What to do ?

    • hi i am sorry i wont be able to help you with your question.

      But i would like to know how you get visa in such a short time did you applied directly or through travel agent? Thanks for your help actually i have also applied for a visa but my travel agent was telling me that Singapore visa processing is taking more time than normal and it normally takes 10-12 days to get tracking number to track your application.

      • Actually I am also surprised! When I visited the counsel general office in Karachi on August 3rd, I was informed that the visa could take 4-5 weeks. Since I had to travel on the 18th of September I rushed to my travel agent to get my visa processed. My travel agent informed me that the visa would take at least two weeks. My documents were submitted on August 3rd and the visa issuance date on the passport is August 8th. I got the visa in five days which also includes a Saturday and Sunday! Unfortunately the visa validity is 35 days for everyone which means in my case it expires on September 12th. If I reapply on August 13th, it will be risky as I have to travel on the 18th. So now I can’t go unless there is a way out.

        • I think you can go to Counsel general office in Karachi and tell them your situation i hope they would be able to help you on fast track basis as they already approved your visa to travel.

          • hi shahid,,, what happened in your case finally? and has anyone applied for visa recently, how many days are they taking to process the case, are 6 to 7 working days enough?

  20. sir please i want to know that immigration allowed me to stay for 16 days i booked a hotel for 16 days
    and how much money i need to show on Airport if they ask please Kindly reply me Thank you

  21. AoA Everyone,

    I have to go for an academic conference to Singapore. I have attained v39 a form from the organizers of the conference in which I have two observations. 1. The name of the organization which has stamped the v39a form does not match the name of the conference. 2. The purpose in v39a form has been written as meeting and the relationship in v39a form has been written as a client. Where as the purpose should have been written as attending a conference and the relationship should have been written as a speaker in the conference. Do you think it is going to contradict if I write purpose as conference in visa application where v39a form states the purpose of the visit as meeting. Also is there a possibility that a single person can apply for a tourist visa? Or is it necessary that tourist visa can only be applied in the group of two or more than two. Any sort of guidance will be highly appreciated.

  22. Greetings Brother!
    I would like to thank you for this useful information you shared, well, I have one thing to ask, well if you do not know any one or you don’t have a relative in Singapore, and if I want to apply myself and we book a hotel and submit it’s booking documents with the visa file instead of LOI, will it be helpful/useful to get visa… And
    If you mention any good agent in Karachi,
    Thank you

  23. Dr. Sher Muhammad, Peshawar

    i really appreciate your knowledgeable post and in-depth information about the Singapore visa process. Before reading your post, I searched many sites, but you have explained the matter in a very easy manner.
    Your YouTube documentaries are always informative, and I really enjoy watching these.

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