Qatar Visa: How to Obtain Qatar Visa on Arrival Pakistani Passport?

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Qatar visa is on arrival for all countries in the world. Similarly, Pakistani citizens are also eligible. I visited Qatar two times in last 3 years and I am going to share with you the exact information required for this visa. Doha the capital of Qatar is a nice place for a stopover with Qatar Airways. 

doha qatar travel guide
I am in Doha, Qatar

Qatar Visa On Arrival Requirements

Although, visa is on arrival for all nationalities. They still have put some requirements in place to obtain this visa at the airport. When you arrive at the airport in Doha, They will paste a small paper on your passport.

Qatari Visa Requirements List

  1. Passport valid for six months
  2. Return or onward flight ticket
  3. Hotel Booking
  4. Polio Certificate (for Pakistan)
  5. Debit or Credit Card

The airline will make sure you fulfill these requirements before issuing you with a boarding pass. Sometimes they won’t ask you anything but most of the times they will. They asked me both the times when I visited Qatar. Visa is free of charge and you can stay for up to 30 days on that visa for tourism purpose.

You can also obtain this visa if you have a stopover at Doha airport. But the stopover must be more than 8 hours. They denied me this visa when my stopover was less than 8 hours. I was coming from Malaysia.


Qatar Transit Visa with Qatar Airways

When I visited Qatar back in 2016, Qatar had not yet started the visa on arrival scheme. But Qatar Airways had started a free 4 days transit visa which one had to apply online. I went to Qatar through that visa in 2016 and it was also hassle free. You have to apply online for this visa and your ticket must be with Qatar airways.

Qatar Airways website to apply for Qatar Transit Visa

They still have this visa facility online. It takes around 48 hours for this visa to get approved and requirements are just passport’s scanned copy and flight ticket with Qatar Airways. This is good for those who want to make sure a pre-arranged visa to avoid any kind of hassle. But this visa is only for 4 days which is enough time to explore Doha or the Entire country of Qatar because Qatar is a tiny country.

This is the transit visa by Qatar Airways

Immigration Experience at Doha Airport

Both the times with Transit and also visa on arrival, it was a hassle free process. The immigration officer only asked for hotel booking. They did not ask for return flight and polio card. But remember to keep all the required documents with you because immigration officers can suddenly ask about all the required documents for that particular visa type.

Overall, Qatar is a nice country for a stopover especially in winter months of December, January and February. I would strongly discourage you to visit Qatar in rest of the nine months due to the extreme hot weather in Doha. I have a complete travel guide about Doha Qatar and I would suggest you to read that before going to Qatar.

I hope you liked my this guide and here is a video which I made during my last family trip to Qatar. You will see some of the attractions in Qatar in this video. If you like then share it. Happy Traveling!


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  1. Hey there! This is usman, I’m following this blog since Jan 2k15. Need to ask something , Is that possible I go to Qatar for tourism on this Visa means only for 4 days, I book a return flight from KHI to DOHA and DOHA to KHI on this visa ? sorry I’m lil bit confuse, waiting for ans.

    Btw we met at IBT’s workshop at DOT Zero in 2K14 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for following this blog. unfortunately, you can’t use this visa if Qatar is your final destination. Since the nature of this visa is “transit” that means, you have to have a stopover in Doha. I’ll recommend to go to Dubai from Doha and come back from Dubai, that will be a good solution, but you have to also then visit Dubai for a visit if you haven’t before. And other option is visit Thailand via Qatar Airways, as I last time traveled to Bangkok with Qatar Airways and the ticket was very very cheap i.e Rs37000 return ticket from Karachi to Bangkok via Doha.

      • Thank you for your prompt reply, I really appreciate . Can you pls tell me which place would be cheap for travelling as I just want more and more stamps in my passport 🙂 .

    • You can buy ticket online from any airline’s website or you can contact a travel agency near by you. Polio card is valid for one year and travelers who go from Pakistan have to carry one which you can freely get from any Airport in Pakistan, there desks at Pakistani airport for this facility. and all other information can be found in the post above.

      • How to buy umra package or return tickets with visa?
        What’s the cost of Qatar return tickets?
        Accommodation charges?
        Send me link where to buy tickets?
        I am too much I never visited any where still and my passport is going to expire after 2years

        Thanks alot I am biggest fan of u

      • Hi sir how r u I’m from Pakistan and now I live in Saudi Arabia I want tourism visa for Thai can you give me some knowledge of Thailand how I apply for visa in Thailand

  2. I am going to Turkey through Qatar Air from Pakistan. Is there possibility of availing this 4 day visa while returning to Pakistan? or Is it valid for my onward journey to Turkey only?

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