Pakistani Passport Visa Free Countries List 2020

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I am going to share with you Pakistani passport visa free countries list for 2020. Pakistani passport has been going through very difficult times and was ranked the 3rd lowest in terms of travel freedom according to Henly & Partners and Passport Index. But guys, do not worry. We can still visit many countries without visa.

Map of Visa Free Access for Pakistani Passport.

How Many Countries Can I Visit Visa Free on Pakistani Passport?

You can visit around 26 countries absolutely visa free on Pakistani passport. That simply means, you don’t need to obtain visa in advance. Buy a ticket and reach that country which is mentioned below. I have not included evisa countries in this list. For that, I will suggest you to visit Visa on Arrival for Pakistani passport.

Pakistani Passport Visa Free List: 

  1. Antigua & Barbuda (30 days)
  2. Cafe Verde (30 days)
  3. Comoros (30 days)
  4. Djibouti (30 days)
  5. Dominica (21 days),
  6. Guinea Bissau (90 days)
  7. Haiti (90 days)
  8. Kenya (90 days)
  9. Madagascar (90 days)
  10. Maldives (30 days arrival)
  11. Mauritania (30 days)
  12. Micronesia (30 days)
  13. Nepal (30 days arrival)
  14. Palau (30 days arrival)
  15. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (30 days)
  16. Samoa (60 days arrival)
  17. Seychelles (30 days)
  18. Somalia (30 days arrival)
  19. Timor-Leste (30 days arrival)
  20. Togo (30 days arrival)
  21. Trinidad & Tobago (30 days)
  22. Tuvalu (30 days arrival)
  23. Uganda (30 days arrival)
  24. Rwanda (30 days)
  25. Vanuatu (30 days)
  26. Qatar (30 days)

So there are a total 26 countries for which you do not need to obtain a visa in advance. But remember, you should always keep a few documents with you when traveling to a country that doesn’t require you to obtain a visa in advance. Having said that, you should keep with you return flight, hotel booking and some cash.

Top 5 Visa Free Countries on Pakistani Passport

Now, let’s be realistic. The list I have shared above have countries which you might not be familiar with. Even you might not have heard the name of some countries in the list. Most of these countries are very far from Pakistan in remote islands in Africa and Caribbean (West Indies). And most of these countries are not tourism friendly.

Therefore, it is not recommended to just hear the name and go there. Properly research first and then make your travel plan. Among the 26 visa free countries, I have selected top five (5) countries which make total sense.

These countries are easy to reach from Pakistan and they are best for tourism. You can also find cheap and easy flights to these countries from Pakistan.

Luckily, I have visited all of these five countries and I am going to share the details and photos with you for these countries. I will share a photo of mine with you so you can get idea of how they are. let’s get started.

1) The Maldives

The Maldives is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It is a tropical island in South Asia. Everybody who visits Maldives says that the best beaches and natural beauty is in Maldives. I have personally visited Maldieves and I was amazed to see the paradise like place on earth. Most of the airlines operate direct flights to/from Maldives including Emirates, AirAsia, Sri Lankan Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Are you a lover of beaches? if so then Maldives is your place!
Maldives is very famous for beautiful beaches…
The Maldives Abdul Wali
I am in the Maldives

2) Rwanda

I recently visited Rwanda in East Africa and I fell in love with this country. In the same trip I visited South Africa as well, but I liked Rwanda more than any other country. It is the most peaceful country in Africa. It is the greenest and cleanest country in Africa. I found it to be functioning much better than many Asian countries. That’s why I would encourage everyone who visit Rwanda as it’s visa free on Pakistani passport. Flights to/from Rwanda are also easily available. Emirates Airline, Etihad, Qatar and Turkish have direct flights to Kigali the capital of Rwanda. Not convinced yet? see below pictures of Rwanda and then decide. Kigali Rwanda

Kigali Rwanda

kigali rwanda

3) Nepal

Nepal is 3rd in my list. I have been to Nepal and visa was not required. They treated me like VIP at the airport with Pakistani passport. For SAARC countries, they have separate line and visa is free of charge when you are visiting Nepal for first time. Nepal is a land of natural beauty, highest mountains and centuries old culture. People can speak Hindi/Urdu which makes it very easy to communicate. And I found Nepal to be the cheapest country in the world. We had a hotel room for only Rs.500 for two people.

The world’s highest mountain is situated in Nepal.
The famous Darbar Square in Kathmandu

4) Qatar

As all of you know Qatar is in Middle East and very easy to access from Pakistan by air. Qatar Airways has direct flights to Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. We can use Qatar as a stopover while going to other countries. You can read my Qatar Travel Guide where I have explained how I visited Qatar without spending too much. Qatar is not beautiful naturally, but they do have cultural places and Dubai style high rise buildings and infrastructure. But one thing to remember that only visit Qatar in December, January and February.

doha qatar travel guide

Travel guide to Doha Qatar
My family member during our second visit to Doha in Qatar.

5) Kenya

I have been to Kenya two times. Kenyan people are very friendly and welcoming. If you don’t believe then go to my YouTube channel “Flying to World” and watch my videos about Kenya. Kenya is naturally beautiful and if you are into the wildlife scene then Kenya is a perfect fit for you. I would recommend to visit Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda in one trip because these countries are connected to each other. It will save you a lot of money. They even have a combine visa called “East Africa Visa” which I obtained and visited all three countries.

nairobi kenya
Nairobi, Kenya
A beautiful view of Nairobi city in Kenya.

Pakistani passport visa free list is finished here. I always share acurate and authentic information because I myself travel most of the times. I am a travel vlogger from Pakistan and you can check my YouTube channel “FLYING TO WORLD”. If you want to know Pakistani passport visa on arrival list then click on the link. Regarding this blog post, if you have any questions then do post that in the comment or email me.


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  1. Great list. I’ll just add a few more countries that we can head out to on the dreaded green passport – Serbia, Montenegro and Albania (only if you have a valid US/UK or Schengen stamp in your passport) and Azerbaijan (evisa).

    • Hi Bilal,

      A great addition from your side, I’d love to have Serbia and Albania on my list as well as Azerbaijan as I have US visa already. But I’ll have to reconfirm it as I already have extensive research on this topic. Thanks for your insight!

    • You can buy tickets from any airline which operate from Pakistan such as Emirates, Qatar and FlyDubai. and for accommodation use

    • i am abbas shah from pakistan karachi i buy your ticket plz send me produzer i wait your god response

  2. Hi. Can you please tell me cheapest package for Maldives for 10 days ?
    including Hotel for 8 nights

    • Hello guys i am based in Russia anyone interested in working and studying in Russia, mainly (St petersburg and Moscow), Uk, Finland , USA and Germany? contact me for more info my details below…

      Whatsapp: +1 (469)334-3853
      Email: [email protected]

  3. Hi Abdul Wali,
    Regarding your post for e-visa of Turkey. As you named the list of countries whome visa be stamped on your passport to get it. I have a question that visa of those countries should be a valid visa. Or if some one already visited like USA, UK, but the visa is expired. Can we still apply for the e-visa

  4. Hello, i want to visit Dominica, how to reach there from Pakistan or UAE, i think there are no direct flights and we need transit visa to go there. Need details. Thanks

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