Myanmar Visa for Pakistani: How to Obtain Burma Evisa in Pakistan?

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If you are looking for Myanmar Visa on Pakistani passport then this is the right place for you. I personally visited Myanmar on Pakistani passport by obtaining evisa online. But I will share with you information regarding obtaining a sticker of Myanmar and also evisa. Let’s get started.

Downtown Yangon in Myanmar.

Myanmar Evisa on Pakistani Passport

I visited this website to apply for Myanmar evisa in advance. On this website, I read the instructions where it was written that the eVisa will take three days to process. But amazingly, I applied at night and received the visa approval in the morning via email. I had a Pakistani passport. The visa fee is $50 for tourist visa and $70 for business visa. If you have any other nationality then you can also apply from this website.

The eVisa will be valid for 90 days, that means you have to use the visa within 90 days from the date of issuance. And when you enter Myanmar, you can stay for up to 28 days on this visa.

Please note, select the correct port of entry when filling out the online form, as that’s important. And after filling the form, do review it once for any correction. Book your hotel through, and then simply put your hotel address in the evisa form.

Upon Arrival in Burma (Myanmar)

When you receive the evisa approval on your entered email, simply print that out and keep a copy of that with you at all times while traveling to Myanmar. After that, when you arrive at the entry port of Myanmar, present the evisa (print out) to the immigration officer. Remember to keep hotel booking and return or onward ticket with you. As the immigration officer may ask you for that. They asked me to show hotel booking and return or onward ticket which I had. You should also have $50 USD per day cash with you to cover your expenses.

Myanmar eVisa I got via email and then printed to carry with me.

How to Obtain Myanmar Sticker Visa?

Myanmar do have an embassy in Pakistan (as per Google) but I don’t think if someone like who lives in Karachi will go to Islamabad for Myanmar visa. I would rather apply somewhere in Southeast Asia. Ideally, we will visit Myanmar when we are on a combine trip to Southeast Asia i.e Malaysia, Thailand etc.

When you are in Thailand or Malaysia then simply go to Myanmar embassy there and apply for sticker visa. You will most likely get the visa the next day or within a few days. I do not know what are the requirements for that type of visa but I do know that many people have obtained Myanmar visa this way.

Keep in mind that you should always have a return ticker with you when you are visiting Myanmar. One of my close friend was deported from Myanmar despite holding valid visa of Myanmar. He did not have a return ticket and had given a reason the immigration that he will go by road to Thailand. The immigration did not accept his reason and deported him back from where he originated his journey.

I hope, I have guided you well about Myanmar visa on Pakistani passport. If you still have any questions then do let me know that in the comment section of this post. Happy Traveling! 

Abdul Wali the author of this blog in Yangon Myanmar.

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