Indonesia Visa From Pakistan: Requirements & How to Apply?

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If you are thinking to visit Indonesia then you need Indonesia visa from Pakistan. Indonesia is a beautiful country in Southeast Asia and I have recently visited it myself. What documents I provided and how I obtained this visa in Pakistan is what I will be exactly sharing with you in this article.

Bali in Indonesia
Bali Island, Indonesia

How to apply for this visa? 

If you are permanent resident of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab or Kashmir then you have to visit Indonesian embassy in Islamabad for applying visa.

However, if you are a permanent resident of in Sindh or Balochistan then you can apply at Indonesian consulate in Karachi. I live in Karachi, so I applied for visa in Karachi. Consulate of Indonesia is located in Karachi at below address:

Address: Block 5 Clifton, Karachi, Karachi City, Sindh 75600
Phone: (021) 35874619

You can also write in Google “Indonesia Consulate Karachi” and you’ll find the address as well as Google Map for this consulate in Karachi. it’s not difficult to find in Clifton. 

Indonesia visa in Pakistan
Indonesia visa on my passport.

Indonesia Visa Requirements For Pakistan

Now the tricky part for Indonesia visa is the requirements which is very strange for some reasons. first of all, when you go to the consulate for submitting your application, the lady at the counter isn’t professional.

Update: Now the lady has changed and new lady is somehow working fine. she will ask you basic questions about why you want to visit Indonesia and for how many days. that’s it.

They do have a website which I think they have not updated since last 200 years. Therefore, it is always better to call them and ask for the latest requirements.

When I visited the consulate in February 2020 (second time). the following were the exact requirements to apply for an Indonesian visa in Karachi. 

  1. Two visa applications filled with two photographs (white background)
  2. Covering letter requesting visa, and mentioning all the details of the visit as well as your job/business and must be on company letterhead where you work or do a business
  3. Bank statement of last 6 months + maintenance certificate 
  4.  Confirmed hotel booking for each day in Indonesia 
  5. Return flight ticket (I submitted reservation)
  6. Original passport and previous passports 
  7. Copy of the passport’s first three pages (A4 size)
  8. Copy of CNIC (A4 size) 
  9. NTN and Registration in case of businessman 
  10.  Visa fee $50 USD (to be paid after visa is issued)

Indonesia Visa Top Tips

Note no 1: I was also asked to provide an “Undertaking Letter” which I didn’t know what it is. it turned out that the travel agent who has booked my flight. They should provide this letter on his letterhead.

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I told the lady that I have arranged everything myself. she was not convinced at first but then she said OK, and my application was accepted without that freaking letter.

Note no 2: For visa applicants from Punjab who apply in Islamabad, they must also submit a “Police Character Certificate” with above listed documents.

This is must in Islamabad. I don’t know why the same country requires it in Islamabad and not in Karachi. You can obtain this certificate from a police station in your city. 

Note no 3: when you apply for the visa, you have to give them either $50 USD cash or you will be given a receipt to deposit $50 in their bank account (this is updated information). When I applied they did not take payment in advance.

Note no 4: If you are going to Indonesia for 5 days then they will issue you only 6 days visa, that means, you can only stay for 6 days in Indonesia.

Therefore, choose your stay wisely. I mentioned in my application that I will stay for 8 days and they issued me visa with stay for only 10 days. Indonesia visa in Pakistan guide ends here.

You can watch the video below in which I’ve explained it in Urdu. if you have any questions regarding this then simply comment on this post and I’ll be there to reply and help you out.


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