Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda & Zambia Visa for Pakistani Passport

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Recently, I visited some African countries. I’ll share the details of those tours in separate posts, but here I’ll tell you about visas to East African countries for Pakistani passport. I got evisa for Kenya, Uganda and Zambia, but when I reached Kenya (my first destination), I came to know that we can obtain visa on arrival in all of these four countries.

Zambia visa approval letter online.

Kenya Visa for Pakistani passport

Kenya offers visa on arrival for almost every country. it also has an online system where one can obtain evisa in advance by paying $50 USD. visa on arrival is available for the same price. I applied for evisa online and got it within two working days.

However, when I reached Kenya, I came to know that visa is on arrival for Pakistani passport as well. The airline will also let you board the flight without visa, and the immigration will not have an issue either.

Here is the link of Kenyan immigration website where you can apply for Kenya evisa:

as I mentioned above, visa on arrival is available, and you can get evisa from above website.

Kenya evisa is below in the picture which I got by paying $50. but remember, this is not sent via email, you can find it in the online account that you created for applying this visa. 

Kenya evisa which I got online by paying $50 USD.

Uganda visa for Pakistani passport

Uganda offers visa on arrival for Pakistani passport, and it has a system for issuance evisas online. I got evisa by paying $50 USD online. below is the website from which you can apply for Uganda evisa online:

Tanzania visa for Pakistani passport

Tanzania visa is on arrival for Pakistani passport. I went by road from Kenya to Tanzania, and on the border I got visa on arrival in 40 minutes. it cost $50 USD for a single entry tourist visa with 30 days validity.

Tanzania sticker visa on my passport on the border.

Rwanda visa for Pakistani passport

From 1st January 2018, Rwanda also offers visa on arrival for Pakistani passport. you can go to Rwanda by air or by road, and you’ll get visa on arrival. they also have an online system for evisa, but that doesn’t work properly. I applied online, and didn’t get a reply within 2 months. so better to get visa on arrival.

Zambia visa for Pakistani passport

For Zambia visa, you first need to apply online, after you apply, you’ll get an approval letter which you can print and can travel to Zambia. when you arrive at Zambia, the immigration will check that approval letter and will issue you a visa on arrival.

you don’t need to pay anything for that approval letter, visa fees will be collected at the airport when you arrive. For applying visa approval online; go to this website.

For visa approval, you need a request letter like below 

Request letter which is must for applying Zambia visa online.
Zambia visa approval letter online.

East Africa Visa on Arrival

Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda have a combine visa called “East Africa Visa”. You can obtain that visa in any of these three countries when you reach there.

it can also be applied online and can be obtained on arrival at any of these three countries provided that you have return or onward ticket. the advantage of this visa is that you’ll save $50 USD and it’s a multiple entry visa.

Furthermore, you can watch the video below in Urdu/Hindi in which I explain and show the procedure practically.


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  1. This information is greatly helpful. However, I want to visit Tanzania as on tourist visa once covid-19 is over. Can you please help me in guiding the process? Because it is not offering Visa on Approval and also Pakistan is in the list of Refferal Visa category. However, I have no friend or no one in tanzania. Can you please help me in this?

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