Dubai Visa from Pakistan: How to Get UAE Visa in Pakistan?

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Dubai visa from Pakistan is one of the most easiest visas for Pakistani passport holders. If you are planning to visit Dubai then you will need to obtain the visa of UAE (The United Arab Emirates) which is a country on the Persian gulf. Dubai is one of the seven states of United Arab Emirates. I will share the process of obtaining a UAE visit visa in Pakistan. Let’s get started.

blue waters dubai
View of Blue Waters in Dubai

How to Obtain Dubai Visa in Pakistan?

Majority of travelers to UAE including myself deal with travel agencies in order to get a Dubai visa in Pakistan. The term “Dubai Visa” is frequently used due to the fact that Dubai is a cultural, tourism and financial hub of that country. Dubai itself is not the country, it is UAE.

Travel agencies in Pakistan have contracts with partners in UAE, and they get visas issued online from UAE immigration. A single entry visa to UAE will cost you around Rs12000 for 14 days. And a 30 days single entry visa will cost you around Rs15,000 depending on the travel agent you are dealing with. There is also a 6 months multiple entry tourist visa recently introduced which costs Rs50,000.

For updated visa information, it’s advised to always visit the official website of that country.

You can simply contact a travel agency near you who will arrange Dubai visa for you. If you do not have previous links with that agency then they might ask you for a security deposit of Rs150,000 or Rs200,000. That’s right, because penalty for overstay in Dubai is very high and travel agents in Pakistan do not risk to send unknown people to Dubai and then get penalized for overstays.

However, when you have established a connection with the agency then they will not ask you for deposit. Because they know you will not overstay and come back on time. That’s what exactly happened with me. I first deposited Rs150,000 with a travel agent when I first visited Dubai in 2013. After that I have not deposited any money because he knows me very well. If your friend owns a agency then still you can get the visa done by them without depositing the security.

UAE Visa Requirements in Pakistan

There are very basic requirements for UAE visa but keep in mind that polices are changing time to time so I again I would request you to always keep an eye on the latest changes. below are the simple requirements for UAE visa in Pakistan.

  1. Passport’s Scanned Copy (Color)
  2. Passport Sized Photo
  3. Smart CNIC Card 
  4. Passport must be valid for 6 months

Processing time is normally 2 to 4 days, and sometimes the visa get issued within 48 hours depending on the season and volume of applications. I’ve been to UAE ten times in the past. I always got my visa in 3 days. However, the processing time may vary in your case. In high seasons such as December, January & February, it can take a little bit longer.

UAE visa looks exactly like this. Source:

The visa is valid for traveling to all emirates of the UAE such as Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Dubai, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Ul Khaimah and Fujairah. You can’t use this visa for employment in UAE, there is a strict policy regarding illegal migration and illegal employment. The visa to UAE is issued on a Paper, so you must carry that paper with you all the time during your stay in the United Arab Emirates.

I hope you liked my “Dubai visa from Pakistan” guide which will help you in planning your Dubai tour. If you have any questions then do let me know in the comment section of this blog and I will be able to answer you soon. Happy Traveling Mates! 


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