Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya Bus: How Much It Costs?

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Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya bus is not available at the airport, so you have to go the nearest bus station to get a bus to Pattaya. I will share the exact steps with you in this guide.

Recently, I had a flight from Phuket to Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport and I wanted to go straight to Pattaya by bus. I searched on the internet, and found many queries on TripAdvisor which were different from one another.

However, I found that we need to get a shuttle bus from Airport to Mo Chit station and then bus to Pattaya from Mo Chit station. but when I did this journey myself, there was a slight difference which can make a lot of difference if you did it wrong.

One thing to remember that there is no direct bus from Don Muang Airport to Pattaya, so you have to go to bus station in order to get a bus to Pattaya.

How to find the Airport shuttle bus?

The first thing you need to do is to go to Level 1 (floor 1) of Don Muang airport for finding the Airport bus which goes to the Mo Chit station. on Level 1, you’ll see the yellow color bus and A1 clearly written as you can see in the picture below. that’s the bus which goes to Mo Chit station every 10 minutes. it’s not a free bus, it cost only 30 Thai Baht.


But remember, the Mo Chit stations are two, one is the Mo Chit Station for BTS (the train), don’t get off the bus there. I’m writing again, there are two stations with the name Mo Chit, one is train station (BTS), don’t get off the bus there if you want to go to Pattaya.

if you got off the bus at that BTS station then you’ll have to walk 2KM to the Mo Chit bus station where you can find bus to Pattaya. that’s the smallest difference which can make a lot of difference if you got off the bus there, it can add 150 baht to your journey.

Just keep sitting in the Airport shuttle bus and the last stop is Mo Chit bus station. so you just get off the bus at last stop which is Mo Chit bus station, and enter the station or ask someone for Pattaya bus counter from where you can purchase a ticket to Pattaya that only cost 120 Thai baht.

Inside the Mo Chit bus station, there are restaurants, cafes, ATMs, money exchange and many more facilities. and you can get a bus to anywhere in Thailand from that station.

Buses to Pattaya leaves every 30 minutes from 6AM in the morning till 10pm at night. I hope my this Don Mueang Airport to Pattaya Bus guide has helped you sorting out your problem.

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