Cheap Flights from Pakistan to Dubai: How to Book Dubai Cheap Flight?

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Cheap Flights from Pakistan to Dubai have never been an issue before 2018. I have flown under Rs.20,000 with FlyDubai and under Rs.25,000 with Emirates Airlines. However, since the rupee devalued against the dollar, cheap flights are not readily available anymore. But let’s have a look at the available options for Dubai, and I will give you some tips for finding Cheap Flights to Dubai from Pakistan.

Dubai Creek Harbor

How to Find Cheap Flights to Dubai?

First thing first, you need to make sure you book your flight ahead of time. If you book at the last minute then you will not find a cheap flight. Start your hunt for cheap flight at least four weeks before your flight. I am going to share with you a list of helpful applications that you can use to find the cheapest available flights for your travel dates. You can also get notified via email there is a price drop for your dates.

1) Google Flights

The best option to search for cheap flights from Pakistan to Dubai is Google Flights. Go to Google Flights link and enter your travel dates. You can search for flights from Pakistan to anywhere in the world. When you do a search, you will see all the cheapest options. There is an option at the top left of the page called “Track Prices” just enable that. By doing this, you will receive updates about flight fares. Check the below image as I have indicated the option in this screenshot. This option will do the trick for you.

2) Skyescanner.net

The website or app to check for cheap flights is Skyscanner.net. This website will check all the airlines for your travel dates and will return the cheapest flights for you. You can then buy the ticket directly from the airline or Skyscanner itself. Same like Google, you can also track flights. Skyscanner has a mobile application which you should download for easy browsing. Now you also book cars and hotels with skyscanner.net. This company is based in Scotland.

Cheap flights to Dubai via skyscanner.net

3) Momondo.com

Momondo is another flight search engine that will find the cheapest flights for your travel dates. This is a Denmark based company with many other options such as hotel booking, car hires, and tour packages. But their main product is finding cheap flights. This website also offers a mobile application that is easy to use.

How to Book Cheap Flights to Dubai?

I have shared the best flight search engines with you, which I personally have used over the years. However, you should keep a few things in mind before using these flight engines. First, check on skyscanner.net, then check on Google Flights and finally on Momondo.com.

See if there is a price difference or not. Sometimes, one engine will give you a different price, and others will give a different price. This is because they have different algorithms to look for cheap flights on the internet and on airline websites.

Once you find the cheapest option, the airline will be mentioned there with the deal. You just go to the website of that airline and enter the same dates which you entered before on the flight engine. Check if the price is the same on the airline website then you can buy the ticket directly from the airline website or any travel agency near you because you already know the cheapest option for your selected dates. This way, the travel agency can’t sell you a ticket for a higher price. I have been using this technique myself for years.

Sometimes, it will take some effort to find a cheap flight. But if you have time before your departure, then do try to use different flight search engines and airlines to find the best deal.

Best Time to Buy Cheap Flight for Dubai?

Dubai flights also depend on which time of the year you are going there. If it’s December to March then expect a high price for Dubai flight. But if you really want a cheap flight then you have to book your flight on dates between April to October. These months are dry months for Dubai tourism and people would usually avoid Dubai due to hot weather. Even for this offseason, you should book your flight in advance.

What is the Best Time to Visit Dubai?

Dubai is a place with high temperature and hottest summer. The best time to visit Dubai is from December to March. That’s when Dubai has the best weather and tourist season. They open most of Dubai’s tourist attractions in this time of the year. They arrange many special events and activities for travelers.

The Global village is also a place which you can only visit during the wintertime. If you can bear moderate weather, then you can also visit Dubai from October to March because I have done it, and the weather was just fine for me, especially at night times. But again, if you want to enjoy day and night, then December to March is the time when Dubai is crowded and looking to welcome people from across the globe.

If you have any questions about this guide, then drop that in the comment, and I will answer that as soon as I can. Read how to visit Dubai on a budget?


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