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Recently, I was in Bangkok, I had my flight with Srilankan airlines. I wanted to change the date of my flight and for doing so, I needed to find the office of Srilankan Airlines in Bangkok city of Thailand. I searched for the address on the internet and everywhere I found the following address of Sri Lankan airlines in Bangkok:

Ground Floor, Charn Issara Tower
Rama IV Road
Bangkok 10400

I took a taxi and reached on the address mentioned above, but unfortunately, I did not find the office there. Then I asked one of the information desks in that tower on the ground floor, and they told me to go a few meters ahead by foot. As you know most of the Thai people can’t speak proper English, therefore I did not understand the accent of that girl who was on the desk. However, I found the exact place where Srilankan airlines has an office. Please find the new office address below.


Updated Address of Sri Lankan Arilines in Bangkok

Actually, you don’t need to go too far from the Issara tower, it’s just a few [around 200] meters ahead, but the complete address of the Sri Lankan Airlines is below:

Srilankan Airlines, 24th Floor

Wallstreet Tower, Rama IV Road

Bangkok 10400

I found this address to be correct by walking a few minutes, actually I had to ask a person standing near by the road, but finally I found it. It was on 24th floor in the Wall Street Tower on Rama IV road. And I hope you’ll not face any difficulty if have a Taxi driver with you, just ask him to go to Wall Street Tower on Rama IV road, and after that you can go to the 24th Floor where you’ll see the office of Sri Lankan airlines.

There is an office at Suvarnabhumi Airport as well, but as you might know the Airport is very far from the city, so if you are in the city somewhere and you want to find the office then you can easily find it on the address I’ve mentioned in the post, and you can resolve your queries there.

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The office staff was not so much friendly, but it was OK, because I did not want to make friendship with them 😀 I just wanted to change the ticket date which they did. All the best.