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USA visa requirements for Pakistani passport is a list of documents required to apply for a US visa in Pakistan. If you are planning to apply for an American visa in Pakistan then you are looking for helpful tips and useful resources before submitting your application to the embassy or consulate. I have recently obtained US visa myself in Karachi Pakistan and this is why I am writing this guide to help you out with the process.

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USA Visa Requirements for Pakistani Passport

US embassy in Islamabad and consulate general in Karachi receive non-immigrant visa applications from Pakistani applicants. The people of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Punjab and FATA should submit their applications to the embassy in Islamabad while people of Sindh and Balochistan should reach consulate general in Karachi.

Basic requirements for a US visa in Pakistan:

  1. A passport, valid for 6 months
  2. Appointment letter (Printed)
  3. Visa application confirmation (Printed)

The above listed documents are must to have requirements in order to apply for a US visa in Karachi (As I got visa in Karachi). Now I’ll show you step by step procedure to apply for a US visa online.

How to Apply for USA visa in Pakistan?

Four steps to apply for US visa in Pakistan.

1) Here comes the exact step by step process to apply for an American visa in Pakistan. The first step is to go to below link and start applying for the visa. You will have to fill out the application online at this website. This form is called DS-160 form. Remember, you should carefully fill all the pages in this form. Take your time and slowly fill the form to avoid mistakes.

2) After that, please go to the following website, and enter your application ID in order to pay the payment of $160 at any Allied Bank branch:

3) Now using the same website, you can generate and print an appointment for US visa, you can do this after submitting the payment. You should also print the Application confirmation from ceac.state.gove website where you filled the form initially. Remember, it will take one day to update your payment information in the system. After that you will be able to select a date for visa appointment.

4) Now take your application confirmation page, appointment page and passport with you and go to the consulate or embassy of the United States of America. You’ll have to wait for your number to be called there and then you’ll be interviewed by a visa officer in the embassy/consulate.

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Additional Documents for US Visa

You should take some additional documents with you to support your visa application. But that’s not compulsory. The most important thing in obtaining a US visa is the interview. If you satisfied the interview officer with your straightforward and true answers then your chances are high. However, do not provide incorrect information, as this can result a refusal.

Some additional documents that you should keep with you on the interview date are listed below:

  1. Bank statement of the last 6 months
  2. Marriage Certificate (if you are married)
  3. B-form of your children (if children are going with you)
  4. FRC – Family registration certificate (in case family is going)
  5. Employment Letter (If doing job)
  6. Leave Certificate (If doing job)
  7. Company Registration & Relevant Documents (If doing business)
  8. Property papers (if you own property in Pakistan)

The above requirements are optional. However, if the officer ask for a document, only then show it to them. If the officer can not understand what you are saying then you should provide a document which can make the officer understand what you are saying. In my case, the officer only asked for bank statement. She saw it and give it back to me instantly.

I was telling her about my reason to visit the US. She could not understand me properly because she was inside the window. Therefore, I showed her the invitation letter that I received from the US company which I was visiting. She looked at the invitation letter and then asked another question.

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How Tough is US Visa Interview?

US visa process has two parts. The first part is when you submit the application online and the second part is interview at the embassy. In first part, you send them all the information they need including your passport details and reason to visit the United States. When you go to face the officer on interview date, he/she knows about your application already. They have the application opened on their computer.

They will ask you follow-up questions and cross-questions during the 5 to 6 minutes interview. They want to know your genuine intent to visit the United Sates. They are trained individuals, they can easily catch whether you are speaking truth or laying. Just be natural and answer the questions. You must be consistent with your statements, because most of the questions are taken from your own visa application.

In my case, the officer asked me simple questions. I want to show you the conversation between me and the visa officer below in the following format (Interview Language: English):

Visa Officer: Are you married? 
Abdul Wali: Yes
Visa Officer: Do you have kids? 
Abdul Wali: Yes, I have 3 kids.
Visa Officeer: What do your kids do? 
Abdul Wali: They study in School
Visa Officer: Why are you going to the US? 
Abdul Wali: I am going to United States for attending a conference
Visa Officer: What benefit will this conference give you? 
Abdul Wali: This is a life changing conference for me because there is no recording available for this conference and we have to attend it personally
Visa Officer: Did you visit any other country? 
Abdul Wali: Yes, I have visited Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka & UAE
Visa Officer: Where did you go in Thailand?
Abdul Wali: Phuket, Bangkok, Pattaya
Visa Officer: Can I see your bank statement? 
Abdul Wali: Yes, Sure. 
Visa Officer: What do you do for living? 
Abdul Wali: I am an online teacher at, I have 100,000 students. 
Visa Officer: Can you show me your online teaching account?
Abdul Wali: Yes, please write "Abdul Wali" in Udemy search box
Visa Officer: Your visa has been approved (administrative process)
Abdul Wali: Thank you. 

This was the exact conversation (interview) I had with the visa officer. The main thing is, you should act naturally. Do not be scared, be confident but don’t be too much confident. Some people give a lot of information voluntarily without being asked for that. Only answer to questions which are asked and if something is not clear then of course you can speak to the officer to clear your points. US visa is based on points, if you have more strong points then probably the visa will be approved. Visa officers make decision based on these points.

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Is Travel History Must for US Visa?

Not necessarily. If your other points are strong such as home ties and professional background then you don’t really need too much travel history. I don’t understand why people just visit countries for making travel history. When I applied for US visa, I had visited Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Sri Lanka. But I did not visit these countries to apply for US visa. Although, My UK visa got refused 15 days before I applied for US visa.

However, if you are a young guy under 30, and you are not married then you should have some travel history to make your case stronger. US visa approval chances are higher for those individuals who are married and have good professional background. Visa officers want to know what you are leaving behind in your home country so you can come back. Your family (spouse & kids) are the most important home ties for them. If you have a good running business, that’s also a good home tie. Property possession is home tie too.

Let me give you a practical example. One of my close friends was refused two times for US visa. He had very strong case, but he was unmarried and never traveled outside Pakistan. He is 24 years old. One of my other friend is 42 years old, married and have children. He has very normal income and only travel history of Malaysia & Dubai. But his visa was approved within five minutes.

US visa process is one of the easiest in the world. I call it a gamble for Pakistanis. You will either get a visa within five minutes on the day of your interview or you will lose your $160. That’s what I call it. But I would strongly suggest, do not make silly mistakes. Your reason to visit the United States must be a genuine reason which you can explain very-well to the visa officer if they ask questions about it.

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How Much Bank Statement is Required?

Short answer: The the more the better. If you have crores and corers in your bank account, that’s very good. But for a working class person, this is not possible. USA is an expensive country and very far from Pakistan. So if you are applying for visit visa then you must have funds available in your account. You should also be receiving a good salary which shows that you have a good income flow in Pakistan.

Let’s say if you earn Rs.100,000 a month in Pakistan then you should have some 1 million PKR in your account. That will make sense because you saved that money from your earning. You should also calculate how much you earn and how much You spend. If your spending is more or near to your earning then it will make a weak point. I suggest to submit a bank statement with more than 1 million rupees. Again, because US is very expensive place.

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The Bottom Line

Again, I call the US visa a gamble for Pakistanis. You will either lose $160 or get a visa. However, let me make the statement clear that you should not make silly mistakes. Your reason to visit the USA must be genuine and clear. You should establish home ties like spouse and kids. If you are not married then try to make business or job ties, property tie and travel history.

If your a frequent traveler like me then visiting USA for tourism purpose will make sense. If you are not a frequent traveler then visit USA for another reason such as attending a conference or meeting someone. If you are a business person then you have more chances for visa approval if you are going to meet someone in your own profession. But again, it all depends on your overall situation. Good Luck.

If you have any questions then do let me know in the comment section. I will try to answer as soon as possible and if you really liked this guide then do share it on Social Media. Happy Traveling!

If you are from Pakistan or India then you can also watch my video about US visa. This video is a little bit old but you can still get some tips from it. I will make a new video about US visa soon with updated information.