Cambodia Visa for Pakistani Passport & How to Apply Evisa

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I will guide you about how to obtain Cambodia visa on Pakistani passport and how to apply for Cambodia evisa online. I have obtained and traveled on this visa myself. When you are applying for Cambodia visa online, you should also keep in mind the requirements for entry to Cambodia. Let me share what are the requirements.


Cambodia Visa on Pakistani Passport

Applying for Cambodia evisa was the simplest and easiest process I’ve ever been through. you just need to go to this official website and apply with 3 simple steps as written on the website:

You will need to fill your personal information and travel document details. After that, simply pay the visa fee with your credit or debit card. Visa fee is $36 USD right now and for future you should check the website given above. That’s the simple process for this visa.

The best thing about this visa is that they do not ask you for return ticket, bank statement and hotel booking etc. Azerbaijan Evisa process is same like Cambodia evisa. but keep reading because when you arrive at the airport, they will ask you everything before stamping your passport.

I’m taking the cruise tour in Phnom Penh.

Before Traveling to Cambodia, You must have this:

First thing first, if you are a Pakistani passport holder then you must travel to Cambodia by air. you can’t enter from Thailand or Vietnam through a land border. Technically you can enter, but most of the times, the immigration won’t let you in. so better is to use flight option.

I went from Bangkok, Thailand and it was not a big hassle at the immigration. But I was stopped by the AirAsia airline crew who asked me so many questions before issuing me a boarding pass.

They asked me to show hotel booking, return flight and $1000 Cash money. The AirAsia staff even asked me to show invitation letter. I told them, I have evisa and I do not need an invitation letter but they still insisted. I was issued boarding at the end after a lot of argument.

What Happened at Cambodia Immigration?

When I arrived at the airport in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. I was in the line to show my passport to the officer on counter, when he saw my passport he sent me to a room. I was interviewed by another officer in the room and he again asked me all the questions about my trip. He asked me to show return ticket, hotel booking and $1000 cash. I luckily had $1000 cash so I showed them and they stamped my passport.

As a precaution, I always advise to keep a return ticket, hotel booking and $50 USD per cash with you when you arrive at any country. and that’s required for Cambodia too. Immigration officer of from country can question you about your trip. If you hold Pakistani passport, so be confident to answer all of their questions.

Also, you can watch my these two travel vlogs on Cambodia. You can also read my blog post about my first trip to Phnom Penh in Cambodia and I will write a blog post on my second trip to Cambodia soon.


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