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Welcome to my travel course “The Ultimate Travel Guide in Urdu”. This course is for all those who want to get real authentic information about obtaining visas, legal immigration to different countries, traveling on budget and many more relevant topics which I have practically explained in Urdu language. The initial price of this course is a discounted price.

You can join this course now by clicking below link or you can read this entire page and then buy the course. please also watch the video which explains everything about this course.


What’s Included in the Course?

  1. Why Should You Travel?
  2. How to Obtain Visas?
  3. How to Travel on Budget?
  4. How to Travel For Free?
  5. How to Stay for Free?
  6. How to Get a Free Flight?
  7. How to Earn Air Miles?
  8. How to Access VIP Lounges for Free?
  9. How to Find Cheap Flights?
  10. How to Find Cheap Hotels/Hostels?
  11. How to Move Legally to Developed Countries?
  12. How to Get Residency by Business Investment?
  13. How to Get Residency by Property Investment?
  14. How to Get Citizenship by Investment?
  15. How to Earn Money from Travel Photos & Videos?
  16. How to Get Easy Visas on Pakistani Passport?
  17. How to Make Proper Bank Statement for Visa?
  18. How to Get Free Hotel Booking for Visa?
  19. How to Get Free Flight Reservation for Visa?
  20. How to Get Invitation Letter for Canada & US visa?

What You Will Get with the Course?

  1. Covering Letter for Canada Visa
  2. Covering Letter for UK Visa
  3. Covering Letter for Schengen Visa (Europe Visa)
  4. Covering Letter for Australian Visa
  5. Covering Letter for New Zealand Visa
  6. Covering Letter for Japan Visa
  7. Covering Letter for Russia Visa
  8. Covering Letter for South Korea Visa
  9. Covering Letter for South Africa Visa
  10. Covering Letter for Phillppines Visa
  11. Covering Letter for Thailand Visa
  12. Covering Letter for Indonesia Visa
  13. Covering Letter for Malaysia Visa
  14. Covering Letter for Ireland Visa
  15. Covering Letter for Netherlands Visa
  16. Covering Letter for Egypt Visa
  17. Covering Letter for Morocco Visa
  18. Covering Letter for Uzbekistan Visa
  19. Covering Letter for Afghanistan Visa
  20. Covering Letter for Iran Visa

What Else Will You Get with the Course?

First 50 students will get personal 30 minutes consultancy for free from Abdul Wali via Whatsapp call or Skype Call (whichever is fine for student). Every paid student will be added to WhatsApp by Abdul Wali for future support (support is subject to availability of time).

By default, students can ask questions directly on Udemy Dashboard where course is published. I will be there to answer your questions directly. You can also send me a message on Udemy. but I will try my best to also have conversation on WhatsApp. Finally, after completing the course, you will get certificate of completion from

How to Buy This Course?

Link to buy the course is provided below and at the top, just click that link and join the course on Udemy by using only this link. you can pay by your credit or debit card and also by Paypal. if you have a debit card issued in Pakistan then you need to call your bank’s helpline to activate a session for using your card online, after that you can come back here and click the link to buying it online. Please Join the course only using this link:


I encourage you to buy the course online with your debit card or Paypal, but in case you have difficulties while buying the course then you can always contact me via email or number given below in order to get bank account details where you can deposit the payment for this course. you can only pay by bank transfer or bank deposit or Western Union. we do not accept EasyPaisa, JazzCash etc.

Email: [email protected]

Mobile no: 03412221598 (+92 from outside Pakistan)