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Beach Vacation Packing List | Essential Beach Items 2021

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Are you looking for a beach vacation packing list? Beach is synonymous with calmness. It allows you to feel peace and put you in a mildly meditative state hence relaxing you. Beach is a perfect option for people who want to enjoy the shining sun. Moreover, it is the most relaxing and breezy place where one can do all the fun activities.

Throw a frisbee, fly a kite, splash and swim in the water, surf along the waves, or build sandcastles. What else can be the best thing to escape from the day-to-day? Nothing, we are sure.

So, are you planning to head on a beach to enjoy your day? Your beach trip can be a nightmare if you don’t plan accordingly. It’s important to know what to take with you so you can head start your journey without worrying about the world. Packing List for a beach holiday is one of the musts to have essential travel accessories.

Are you confused about what to take on the beach?

Worry no more! There are some obvious and necessary items, and we have come up with a beach trip packing list, which includes all the must-have items that you might overlook.

Beach Vacation Packing List

Streamline your list of must-haves and look cool even in the hot weather. Here’s what you can pack for the beach and that too without overpacking. Although I’m sharing the packing list for a beach holiday, you should also take a waterproof GoPro alternative action camera for photography on the beach.

Waterproof Float Strap for Devices

Who does not want to take along their phone or camera with them? Nobody. People want to capture beautiful images or moments, or they need to talk to someone over the phone. But taking such water-resistant devices along with you can be a pain to handle.

Waterproof Float Strap

Imagine your camera floating on the beach or your device sinking in the water… Noooo. But don’t worry as we have listed for you the best item which is a device saver and you can take your devices on the beach; The float straps. These straps are particularly made for keeping your devices such as cameras or smartphones safe.

The straps will not let your devices fall in the first place. And the best thing; you can wear these straps on your wrist while you snorkel or swim. View this strap on Amazon.

Windproof Travel Umbrella

Windproof Travel Umbrella

Rain is unpredictable, especially if you are heading towards the beach of the Pacific Northwest or Hawaii island. For this purpose, you need to pack this windproof umbrella, so the rain does not affect your beach trip. Its sturdy design allows you to enjoy on the go even if it’s pouring. Moreover, its ergonomic yet compact design makes it great if you want to keep it in the car, briefcases, or bag packs. And it is not only about saving you from rain. You can also withstand a massive gust of wind. 

A simple push of a button and you are good to go.

Swim Suit For Women

Swim Suit For Women

It is no brainer that everyone requires a swimsuit from kids to adults while going to the beach. You should carry light and breezy suits with yourself. While you want to be in your comfort zone and choose a ragged T-shirt or faded suit, you can go for this swimsuit cover-up. This beautiful piece is stylish yet supportive, and one can have fun with fashion. The material of this cover-up is very soft and dries quickly. And the best thing, it does not get baggy and shapeless but retains its shape.

Personal Hand Fan

No matter the fun you do along the blue water, it gets scorching most of the time. Even the wind there is not enough. That’s why in the packing list of a beach vacation, we have listed a personal hand fan to save you from the scorching heat. This particular hand fan lets you add comfort to your trip and cool off your kids, who might be tired after playing. View this mini fan on

It has a sturdy design and is portable so you can easily carry it with yourself.

Sunscreen Lotion

We bet you can’t afford to miss this. Visiting the beach is fun, but the damage the sun can do to your skin might be irreplaceable. Taking care of your skin is the real deal. That’s why DON’T forget the SPF while traveling to the beach.

beach vacation packing list

We recommend that you should always carry sunscreen with you. It not only saves your skin from damage but also protects it from ultraviolet rays. Opting for a sunscreen that is eco friendly will not harm you as it does not contain harmful materials. Moreover, such sunscreens are mineral-based and cost a few dollars.

Or you can also take a reef-safe sunscreen with you. It will protect you from aquatic plants and animals, which can also damage your skin—view sunscreen lotion on Amazon.

Reusable Beach Bag

No matter what, you will always need a beach bag to carry along with you. You can’t take all the necessary things in hand. This bag can be used to throw towels, sunglasses, smartphones, sunscreens, or snacks. This excellent bag is robust and lightweight. Moreover, it is spacious enough to throw in all the belongings you need to take along. Check its price on Amazon.

Another important thing about this bag is that it keeps your drinks/snacks fresh. This is an important part of beach vacation packing list which you should keep in mind.

Mesh Slip-On Water Shoes

While going on the beach, you need to protect your feet as well, not only in the water but also out of the water. Moreover, your feet might be at the risk of getting cut by shells or rocks. But not anymore! For you to look stylish while protecting your feet, manufacturers have come up with cool ideas. These slip-on water shoes are here to rescue your feet.

Whether you want to go hiking on cliffs or swim in the water, you can do whatever you want with this slip-on. Their grip is firm and dry quickly, leaving no sand behind. Buy on Amazon.

Water-Proof Phone Case

Everyone needs to take their smartphone on the beach. But what if you want to take your phone into the ocean and take some pictures? Gone are the days when you had to dive underwater without your phone. Now, you can easily do this because of this water-proof phone case. This case allows your phone a snap, so it remains locked and out of water. And the best thing; you can use your phone’s camera and touchscreen even the phone is in the case.

HERO Packing Cubes

Do you have to dig inside your backpack and spend a good amount of time to find your swimsuit or misplaced items? Not anymore! Packing cubes are here to save your time. Whether you are loading for a work trip or long-awaited vacations, these packing cubes will make your life easier. Moreover, it lets you stay well-organized. These breathable cubes can be easily located in your suitcase, and you can hit the beach any time by grabbing your items in use promptly.

beach vacation packing list

Sand Free Beach Mat

Beach mats are a must as these are a great way to relax on the beach, under the blue sky. However, the wrong mats can be filled with sand or blown away by the air. Moreover, it becomes difficult to dry them at the end of the day.

That’s why we have come up with this handy mat with a strap. This weatherproof mat is very convenient to use and is lightweight. It is compact; hence you can fold it easily. The pockets on both sides of the mat let you accommodate your items.

Portable Charger

You are doing fun in the sun and suddenly realize that the battery of your device is drained off. It’s time to panic…

But no! With this lipstick-sized portable charger, you can recharge your electronics easily without worry. The size of this charger is like that of a lipstick tube. Don’t fool yourself with its size as it has the ability to charge multiple devices at the same time with the help of standard USB cables.

Rash Guard for Men and Women

The friction or water sport accessories can cause rashes to occur while you are on the beach. That’s why we recommend you to keep a rash guard with yourself. It not only protects your body from UV exposure but also prevents friction. This, in turn, makes you safe and rash-free. Moreover, it is quite comfortable to wear as it has a UPF of 50+. Check its price on

Cooler Bag & Deep Freeze

Though it’s fun and the breeze there is very refreshing, but a supply of cold drinks and your favorite snacks completes your trip. Well, obviously, no one can take the mini freezer with themselves. But what about a cooler bag? Yep! You can take that with you.

Cooler Bag & Deep Freeze

Keep your drinks cold and your snacks as fresh as new with this cooler bag. It is collapsible and allows you to take not ten, not 15, not 20, but 24 cans at a time. While keeping everything fresh, you can take this cooler bag with you so you can chill at your trip with those chilled drinks and super fresh snacks.

Leave-in Hair Conditioner

The salty water, coupled with sun exposure, can give you hair a hard time and can suffer long-lasting damage. Therefore, we have for you in the list, this leave-in hair conditioner. It works wonder and replenishes nutrients hence preventing your hair from any damage. It is easy to use; just apply on your hair and leave it. Moreover, it smells great and is free from parabens.

No more damaged hair due to salty water and harsh wind.

Life Straw Filtered Water Bottle

For those who want to stay hydrated while enjoying along the waves, this bottle is incredibly significant. We ensure that you can refill this bottle anywhere, anytime. Moreover, the filter inserted in the bottle allows you to have safe and pure water every time. It doesn’t matter whether you refill it from a random spigot; you will get bacteria and chemical-free water.

Shade Shack Beach Tent

You need to protect yourself from the scorching sun, and for this, you need something to cover you from all around. Take a break from the sunlight and relax under this beach tent. You can anchor it in the sand, and it will stay firm there. Moreover, its sturdy design won’t let it blow away with the wind, and it is enough to provide shade for more than a person.

Family Beach Vacation Packing List

Relaxation for parents and entertainment for kids; a family beach vacation is a perfect idea. Therefore, we have listed handpicked items to carry along with you to the beach.

Inflatables for Beach

These will serve as an added fun. You can let your kids plunge into the water while enjoying with this collapsible donut or an inflatable unicorn. This ride-on can be a perfect relaxation toy and are also soft, thick, and durable. They also fold easily so you can easily carry it for your kids.

Swim Goggles

Be it any beach you travel; the swim goggles can be the best item for your kids. These prevent your little one’s eyes from being red after spending a day in the water. Plus, you can keep them occupied by allowing them to find the shells in the ocean.


Never leave your or your loved one’s eyes unprotected. The sun can be harsh, and even the kids or teens will require sunglasses. Sunglasses are essential travel items.

That’s why these sunglasses for kids, teens, and adults are a must-have. They prevent you and your family from harmful rays and are also stylish yet comfortable. You can run in the sun and face it with these glasses.

What NOT to take on the Beach

Well, well, not everything can be taken on the beach for three reasons.

  • It can be an added hassle to handle them
  • You really don’t need them
  • And, they can be damaged

We have listed some of the items which you should not carry with yourself.

1. Electronics

Yes! A big NO. Only bring electronics that are water-proof or carry them in a water-proof bag. If you move it, make sure sand or water don’t invade them.

2. Snacks that attract bees

Are you planning to take honey and peanut butter with you? Bees are attracted to sweets. So, you need to leave such type of food behind, and if you carry, seal them in a cooler. Otherwise, you can receive unwanted guests.

3. Boots

The boots are not necessary as they tend to keep your feet warm, and we know you don’t want this. For the beach, you can go barefoot or wear flip flops.

4. Valuables

Keep your valuables at home. And if you visit the beach on a car, lock it and keep the keys with you. This way, you can dive into the water without worrying about getting things stolen.

We have handpicked everything that is a must-have to enjoy your beach trip to the fullest. Make sure not to miss out on anything from this beach vacation packing list.


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