Azerbaijan eVisa for Pakistani Passport: How to Apply?

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Azerbiajan evisa for Pakistani passport is available since last three to four years. I have personally obtained this visa a few times in the past and I am going to share the exact process with you. This is one of the easiest evisa for Pakistani passport same like Myanmar evisa on Pakistani passport and Malaysia evisa.

Abdul Wali in Baku Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan Evisa on Pakistani Passport

The evisa is an entry permission to Azerbaijan which allows you to board a flight and seek entry into the republic of Azerbaijan. Citizens of 94 countries can apply for this visa through the official government website of Azerbaijan.

The normal processing time is 3 working days, but I got my visa within 2 working days. And if you are lucky then you’ll get the visa either on the same day or next day. They also have urgent visa service which takes only 3 hours but it will cost more money.

The normal visa costs $24 USD. which takes 3 days. The urgent visa costs $51 USD which takes only 3 hours. The requirements are very basic, you just need to upload your passport’s scanned copy and that’s it. You have to pay by credit card or debit card.

You will receive an approval letter within 3 days. Take a printout of the approval letter which you received via email, and show it to the immigration officers at the border of Azerbaijan. You should always keep that printout with you while traveling to Azerbaijan, because Airlines may ask you to show the visa before boarding the flight.

Azerbaijan evisa that I received via email in 2 working days.

How to Find a Cheap Flight to Azerbaijan?

The cheapest way to travel from Pakistan to Azerbaijan is to travel by road. You can also take a visa from Iran and then can easily travel from Pakistan to Baku by road. Many people are doing that and have been successful. The cost from Pakistan to Azerbaijan by road will be like PKR 20000 to PKR 30000.

But if you are looking for a flight then you can search on which is website for finding cheap flights online using multiple companies. Most probably, you will find a flight with Flydubai or AirArabia from Pakistan to Baku. Keep in mind some Rs50,000 to Rs60,000 return flight ticket from Pakistan to Azerbaijan.

How is Azerbaijan for Tourism?

Azerbaijan is a very beautiful country especially if we compare it to Pakistan. People are very welcoming and friendly to Pakistanis and the country is very liberal and secular in nature. Baku city has many attractions for tourists and you can also visit other cities such as Ganja and Gabala. I have been to Azerbaijan many times and I will recommend you to read my Baku Azerbaijan Travel Guide and watch my Baku videos on Youtube.

I hope, Azerbaijan will keep Pakistan in the list of evisa eligible countries despite many Pakistani passport holders overstayed in Azerbaijan and I have seen that myself in Baku. If you are interested in starting a business in Azerbaijan or buying property then I will suggest to first visit it on tourist visa, explore the city and people and then decide for yourself. That will be an informed and educated decision instead of asking different agents.


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